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There are a bunch of smartphone applications that are being developed each and every day. Some are developed to help us in our daily activities in life while some are just for fun like mobile games. Moreover, one example of an application that was believed to cater the needs of smartphone users are the talking […]

Thinking of your headphones becoming voice assistants? Seems impossible right? Maybe before, because of the rapid advancement of our technology there are companies that are now capable of doing it. One of which is Monster. Did you know that Monster is not actually identified as one of the most pioneering company in technology? Yes, it […]

While other Bluetooth speakers try to put quality sounds in a smaller package, JBL will reveal its huge 80s old-school-looking speaker in IFA on September 1. Boombox has four active transducers, two bass radiators and a 20,000 mAh battery which cause it to weigh 11.6 pounds. You don’t have to worry about its tremendous weight […]

Google Map is very useful especially for those who loves traveling to places. They use this amazing application to find the exact locations of the place they want to go to. That having said, it is so brilliant that Google Map has incorporated Q&A feature in its application. This feature adds additional information already available […]

A Van rammed a crown of people in the busiest street of Barcelona. This incident happened this afternoon leaving 13 people dead and more than 100 injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility for these incidents. An insane van driver has killed 13 people and injures more than 100, 15 are seriously injured. The witnesses saw how […]

Since the emission of applications being the lifestyle on smartphones, app developers have heaped on features and have made these applications rather bloated. This is so true for social media applications like Facebook App, Instagram, etc. because they will only run swiftly when you have a fast internet connection and a powerful hardware. Nonetheless, many […]

In the first quarter of this year, the iPhone 7 of the Apple Corporation was announced as the best-selling smartphone in the whole world while Samsung comes short and ranks third. The iPhone7 and iPhone7+ are by far the most widespread smartphone model that has been released popular to smartphone users. These units from Apple […]

     How far do you think a speaker can do besides amplifying the sounds of your music or any sounds that you play in it?      Google’s very own smart speaker can change the way you think about speakers now. This newest creation from Google cannot just be an ordinary speaker you use […]

Although the response of users for Facebook Stories is very tepid, the famous social networking site still continues with the development of its own full-screen Camera feature. On August 15, Facebook added the newest feature in their Camera that allows its users to go Live, shoot GIFs for two seconds and share their very own posts in a full-text […]