September 2017 - GadgeTech 360 Asia

Which is better? IPhone or Android When it comes in getting a perfect smart phone, the best can be the hardest choice: its either IPhone or Android. It’s not that easy, both Phones suggest many extreme characteristics and they may look        mostly the same other than type and value. However it looks like the appearance […]

Apple unveils the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X The most awaited iPhone devices were finally unveiled by Apple few days ago. In the previous years, Apple released their latest iPhone and bigger Plus Model and continuous its trend at the moment with 8 different models. Apple also introduces new model that has […]

Many people expected to that Apple will push the Augmented Reality feature in their new devices. However, the ARKit was largely used as a footnote on Tuesday’s event where Apple focused more on the features like Animoji and Face ID. The most remarkable announcement about this ARKit was that the company will bring face-tracking support […]

October 2016, Xiaomi surprised the globe when they revealed the Mi MIX with bezel less design and after that the idea of putting up bezel less design storm out across the mobile technology. This year, many flagships being released adapted the new design with minimum bezels and thinner footprint. It’s been a year when Xiaomi […]

Samsung is an electronic shop that is located in South Korea. Samsung is not only popular in Korea but also in other country.  They are very popular since they provide high quality of different types of electronics such as tablet’s, smart phones, computers, laptops, home appliances, portable TV’s and many more. They are capable of […]

WhatsApp is a messaging platform owned by Facebook.  Three years ago Facebook bought the WhatsApp messaging service for about $22 billion. Today Facebook wants to earn money using WhatsApp. WhatsApp wants to earn revenue by offering large enterprise a business tools for them to communicate with their customers easily. WhatsApp will offer small and medium […]

Google Play Store is an online place where manufacturers and developers can upload their newly invented apps. After uploading the application in the Play Store, user can download the uploaded apps for free or sometimes there is some application that requires payment. One of the companies who recently post their latest application is the Xiaomi. […]