October 2017 - GadgeTech 360 Asia

The financial performance of Apple Inc. has increased because of a single product which is the iPhone. These past days, Apple’s iPhone comprises up to 70% of the revenue in a given quarter. However the iPhone X could be Apple’s worst nightmare. Most of the Apple’s iPhone history, the company only publicize one model every […]

Microsoft Reportedly Working on a Courier Device Microsoft created a mysterious device that is a courier device which didn’t come out for the consumers to experience. It is clear in this article that Microsoft reportedly working on a courier device. Microsoft courier has a two-screen that can fold like a book and is designed like […]

Massive Galaxy X Leaks Will Protect Galaxy S9 Last month there has been an interest in Samsung’s new smartphone project that has reached the mainstream. A folded screen smartphone was proposed which is the Galaxy X and it is set to show its capabilities. Samsung proposed a folded screen smartphone and is to be shown […]

The Philippines Just Got its First Billion-Dollar Startup It is a great milestone for the country and its people. It really is a very rare breakout for the Philippines technology scene. Robbie Antonio, is named as one of the richest people in the Philippines. He studied at Northwestern University where he got his degree in […]

iPhone X or iPhone 8? What would you choose? this article may help you in your buying decision Apple Inc.publicized three new iPhones on its special event in the month of September 2017, the iPhone X which is pronounced as iPhone 10, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+. When upgrading your phone, choose the design which […]

Apple Inc. V. Samsung Electronics Co. Apple Inc. V. Samsung Electronics Co.? which of two company really has the right to claim the ownership of the smartphone’s design. Apple Inc. Apple is a technology company which specializes in developing computer software founded by Steve Jobs  in the year 1976. Samsung Electronics Co. Samsung Electronics Co.  […]