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Nowadays, users want to have their own latest as well as the greatest tech in terms of smartphones that are affordable to buy for anyone. Currently, the Chinese Brand exists which is the Honor that is one of the flagship smartphones in the industry and took by storm during CES 2018. Currently, Honor is under […]

Spotify announced the launch of Line-In, the new tool that will allow the community members to input information about the music data like genre, explicitness, or mood and many more. It aims to control the understanding of the crowd in correcting and expanding the data of Spotify over the period of time. It could also […]

Google Chrome is widely known as the largest web browser and also the most reliable and accurate search engine at the same time. Several extensions used of web technologies including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Currently, Google releases their new 8 Google Chrome extensions that will ease and support the user needs. In which the browser […]

Users might be wondering why they do not see the recently added Giphy feature on Instagram Stories or on Snapchat and it is because the two platforms removed it after a racist gif was seen in the gif library. Giphy is in a difficult situation with Snapchat and Instagram after users of the platform have […]

Does the Alexa already become your BFF? Do you own an Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot devices in your house? We can say that digital assistant is really hand and useful to us. It makes us feel like we are living in the future. And this digital assistant will be topic of this article. […]

  Everyone is still having a jetlag over the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other mobile device launches this year. On the other hand, Huawei did not have any smartphone announcements yet for the MWC 2018 other than saying that they will be unveiling the next-gen Huawei P20 phone on March 27th in Paris. Huawei P20 […]

It is undeniable that google is making its way to every person’s top list of their necessity. People ask google what to eat for breakfast, what to wear for work, and almost everything you do for the entire day. The users of the IOS online messaging app called iMessage is not an exemption of this […]

Currently, Amazon Echo released locally, we’ve got a full set of top-rated speakers in which we can be used them as home assistants that could cater the instructions as well as responding the calls. Let’s take a look at how the Amazon Echo stack up against the Apple HomePod and Google’s Home. We all know […]