April 2018 - GadgeTech 360 Asia

Gmail is extensively popular all over the internet which is developed by Google. Almost everyone used Gmail to send and receive files and messages. It also used in signing ups in numerous sites quickly with just a click.  Gmail is widely used to verify accounts on numerous sites. Gmail provides a lot of services and […]

The New Friction-Free Features of Alexa Amazon Echo can answer follow up questions without Alexa prompt soon. Alexa will be smarter soon and will be more natural on the way it interacts with the user. Alexa will be able to recall the information that the user will give. The user can also ask many questions […]

Who does not recognize Microsoft? Microsoft has extensively known worldwide. Microsoft provides services, develops, and licenses manufacturers supports. It also sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. However, Microsoft is very popular in tech and service industry due to their operating system which is commonly used by millions of their followers. In fact, the […]

Last year, Snapchat released a redesigned version of the app wherein, the content of the user’s friends are separated from the content of other brands, publishers or celebrities. But, now Snapchat will roll a redesign to the redesign last year. But it will only be available for a small group of Snapchat users. It will […]

Spotify launches the new Spotify app with the latest playlists for users. At an event in New York City, Spotify unleashes the new design of the Spotify app for the 900 million Spotify users. It is a major change for the app since 2014. The Music We Love and Spotify We cannot deny that music […]

Facebook is very popular today. Facebook has become one of the most application which is used to communicate, share feelings, and even business matters. Facebook has great influences in the daily lives of the user. It offers a reliable and accurate information to be disseminated all over the internet. Facebook become one of the most […]