3 Ways Windows 10 uses Android and iOS phones to make a better PC

Connecting your handset to your Windows computer has never been simple, and now Microsoft has dropped as part of the Fall Creators Update, it looks like the phone will be a big deal in future PC’s.

If you are using an Apple or an Android Phone right, you can now reply to the text using your computer. As well in the near future you will be able to take webpage that you are reading wherever you are and you can send them to your PC at the office. Now, Microsoft appears that they will set up a framework for a stronger connection in the future with a dedicated Phone section within the Settings menu.

Don’t worry if you are using a Windows phone, because you would be able to connect your phones to your computer, using the Continuum experience that Microsoft invented a year ago. Though it has only limited customer and hardware support and basically Windows phone aspirations are dead. But Microsoft focuses on building an ecosystem for the popular Android and iPhone platforms.

Here are the ways on how to use your Android and iOS phones to make your PC become better.

  1. You can reply to texts by using your Windows

Windows 10 has the function that treat a text message just like another email. To be able to activate this function you will need an updated Windows 10 PC, an iPhone or Android Phone and the most important Microsoft Cortana App for Android or Cortana App for iPhone.

The key in connecting your phone and PC depends within the Cortana app’s cross-device setting you can check it by going to the app menu located at the upper left side of the device and go to Settings, make sure that it has these three settings (Missed call notifications, Incoming message notifications and low battery notifications) are all available.

It is very convenient to use because it has the ability to reply to every text and phone calls using your PC and also a notification will also appear if your battery is getting low.

  1. You can pick where you left off, on the web

Microsoft is still adding new Windows 10 features and also Windows 10 Insider Build 16257also added features and they named it “pick up where you left off”. The purpose of this is for you to move effortlessly between your device and Windows.

To be able to enable this feature, you have to do these two things: Link your phone on the Windows first and download the mobile app needed.

  1. You can use your phone instead of using your Windows password

Have you ever heard about the two-factor authentication, where in you can use    your phone as an additional verification within your password? Now you can try it. You can use your phone as the main login method to some Microsoft apps instead of using your Windows password. But probably it would be better if use the Microsoft Authenticator App for Android and iPhone.

By using the Microsoft Authenticator App you can receive a combination of password coming from you and the codes coming from Microsoft. The Microsoft Authenticator App will help you to secure every transaction you are making in your device.