8 Tech Trends that will boom in 2018

Everyone is excited to start their year with the word ‘NEW’ running in their minds. New places to visit, new goals to achieve, new things to try, and most of all the newest trends to experience this year.

We have listed 8 technology trends that are ready for exploitation this year 2018. See it for yourself and be amazed.

#8 Robots

“Robots will soon take over the world.” the most horrifying thought we have after watching a sci-fi movie about them. However, in reality, robots are invented to simplify our tasks and help us to speed up our jobs which makes our life easier. One of the robots that have garnered attention these past years is the female robot Sophia.

Sophia is the latest robot of Hanson Robotics. A company which is known for creating robots that have the ability to express humanlike emotions and can interact with people. Today, Sophia is the most celebrated robot which is also the first ever robot to have a citizenship.

“Together, man and machine will create a better future for the world.”

–           Hanson Robotics

#7 Internet of Things (IoT)

One of the most talked about technology trend in the world today is the “Internet of Things” or IoT. What exactly is IoT? When we say Internet of Things these are objects that have access to the internet or the other way around.

All the existing things we use becomes extraordinary when connected on the internet just like how cameras become smart cameras and televisions becomes hybrid televisions. IoTs aims to enhance the life of the people, it can even supplement the times when we are asleep or absent because they are able to function even without taking breaks.

Example of IoTs is worth taking a look is Nest a smart thermostat, Canary a smart security system, Petnet a smart pet feeder, and Health patch a health monitoring device.

#6 Digital centralization

As time pass by, people find ways to make their jobs easier. We install applications that can do a variety of things, purchase devices that can perform specific tasks, and more. However, study shows that most of the technology consumers are seeking ways to centralize everything which enables them to access and manage data with a fewer device. More so, the rise of integrated and collaborative devices is undeniably expected with the years to come.

#5 Augmented Reality

From artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and now here comes the augmented reality. Augmented Reality and its continuous development stir the world of entertainment and business by enhancing how people percept things. Video game fanatics are going crazy about this trend which drives the video game companies to hop in and develop games that are more engaging and realistic. Meanwhile, businesses are being transformed by augmented reality by enabling the workers to visualize objects that seem to be present in the real world which can help them to stimulate learning.

#4 Blockchain

The blockchain is the leading software platform for digital assets which supports over 100 million transactions from different users in 140 countries around the globe as of the year 2018. The blockchain is a digital ledger used in cryptocurrency transactions which record publicly and chronologically and can be viewed by everyone in real time. You can see what’s actually happening out there by yourself.

#3 Conversational Platforms

Imagine yourself talking to a mirror, asking things like what is the benefit of eating an apple? Or what is the perfect hair color for my skin type? Sounds like Sleeping beauty’s witch stepmother right? Well, the idea of this talking mirror becomes reality with the form of Conversational Platforms.

The growing demand for conversational platforms is set to increase this year 2018. Conversational Platforms can perform tasks based on interaction with the user, suggest things, give answers, and even perform the task itself.

#2 Wireless Charging

Have you ever heard of wireless charging? The idea of charging your batteries over the air? Just to inform you, this trend will boom this year 2018. Wireless charging will be possible by the use of Qi-compatible charging mat which should be plugged into a wire from an outlet to supply power. To charge your device, you can just place your smartphones on top of it and it will automatically fill your phone batteries.

#1 5G Network Connection

This technology was introduced last year and is expected to be available in the market before this year ends. 5G or the 5th generation mobile networks and wireless systems will help to boost the speed of your movie downloads, file uploads, browsing, and even communication. With this new technology innovation, billions of sensors and devices that uses internet connection such as IoTs will be connected, accelerate its development, and improve its performance.

Those are the top 8 technology trends that we should check out this year 2018. For all the technology fanatics, this year will be a great year for you.