Amazon’s Alexa makes your home smart

There are a bunch of smartphone applications that are being developed each and every day. Some are developed to help us in our daily activities in life while some are just for fun like mobile games. Moreover, one example of an application that was believed to cater the needs of smartphone users are the talking applications. These are applications lets us speak to our own devices using our very own voice as if they are also human.

Although for many of us smartphone users, including myself, it’s a bit clumpy and complicated and was consigned to these smartphone applications that are really interesting but not that much useful.

It was believed that these applications will just stay the same way. But in late 2014, the currently 4th largest company, Amazon show the people their newest flagship Amazon Echo together with Alexa. Alexa is Amazon’s very own intelligent assistant. Echo is a speaker and a microphone in-one that is cylindrical in shape. This amazing device can listen to your commands, can speak back to you, and can play any music that you want to play in it.

Maybe you are thinking what can this Alexa do? I will tell you, this intelligent assistant can answer some of your questions. You can not only listen to music in it but you can also ask about road condition, traffic, weather, updates on the news, audio book and even get help about mathematics questions for your kids’ school assignments.

Amazon Echo can also control any other home devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi. For example, you can buy a smart plug and connect any of your home appliances in it. Name your socket the way you want it to and after which, Alexa will now be told, “Alexa, turn on (name of your socket)”. Easy right?

Because of this new technology that Amazon has developed, a lot of manufacturers has its eyes on Amazon’s Alexa and wants to put it into their products such as refrigerators, cookers, television, and many more appliances. This means that in the near future, it is not impossible that we will see a lot of appliances that have the technology that Alexa has.

The competition between the arch rivals, Google and Amazon is very phenomenal. This is because of the second largest company in the world, Google launched also its smart speaker that has the same control, functionality, and assistance as the Amazon’s Alexa. Google’s speaker is named, Google Home, the only difference of Google Home from Alexa is that it was backed by Google’s search experience. Entering also the competition is the largest company in the world, Apple with their very own HomePod that is expected to be launched at the end of this year.

So that’s it, voice may be the future of how we control and use our home device and appliances. With Apple, Google, and Amazon competing with each other, we can definitely expect innovation to rapidly come soon and we might just be shocked that one day, our home will truly be smart.