Apple Inc. V. Samsung Electronics Co.

Apple Inc. V. Samsung Electronics Co.

Apple Inc. V. Samsung Electronics Co.? which of two company really has the right to claim the ownership of the smartphone’s design.

Apple Inc.

Apple is a technology company which specializes in developing computer software founded by Steve Jobs  in the year 1976.

Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung Electronics Co.  an electronics company based in Suwon, South Korea. The founder is Lee Byung-chul in October 2017.

Trials and Retrials

Apple Inc. V. Samsung Electronics Co.

Apple decides to sue Samsung, claiming that Samsung copied their design.

On the month of December 2016, the Supreme Court inverted the decision of the lower court with an 8 to 0 vote.

Judge Kho suddenly came with a decision to open another trial for a monetary verdict according to SCOTUS opinion.

Apple Inc. were shocked knowing that Judge Kho decided to open another trial. The company has no comment for the courts decision, however Samsung announced an statement.

Samsung said that. As a technology quickly progresses and innovates onward, these circumstances will work as an example for all technology-focused suits; that is if the trials can manage to come with a decision.