Apple’s New Models Receive Certification for The First Time


This year, many people have high expectations in regards to refreshed versions of iPad that the Apple will release. Because of the most recent registration filings of the Apple, two new models of iPad are expected to be released this early this year.

The Eurasian Economic Commission or the ECC gives approval to the new models of the Apple which are called the “A1893” and “A1954”. The new tablet models do not correspond to any previous models. It is, for the first time, the ECC gives the Apple the authorization and approval.

Because the Apple has the approval of the legislators, they have the permission to bring several iPhone and iPad “sample models” into the countries of the Eastern European and also Russia. The said models have the “AA” and “CC” prefixes and because the Apple won the approval only for the first time, it is hard to draw information about what devices are really involved.

There are references to the iOS Beta source code which is referred to as a “Modern” model. Many people are believing that this is to be a step forward for the Apple if the new iPads are really refreshed. The iPhone X, before the announcement, pre-release a reference about the iOS source code for a “Modern” iPhone.

Many people are expecting Face ID’s on the new iPads. The possibility that the new models have the Face ID? Not that high. There are rumors regarding that the iPad will have Face ID that the Apple will introduce for the year of 2018. The recent filings of the Apple have the indication that the release of the new models of the iPad will launch sooner. But there is a possibility even though it is not high. If that really happens, the new iPad models will have the Face ID capabilities and edge-edge display. It is like abandoning the Touch ID which the current iPad models have. There is a possibility that the products will use LED instead of the OLED for the reason that the OLED is so costly and difficult for a mass and a large scale production.

The iPhone 7 and also the AirPods references appeared two weeks before the Apple’s official announcement. The new Apple keyboards and the 2017 MacBooks appeared in May in the database of Eurasian before the official announcement during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC 2017 in the early June. Because of the timing of the filing in the Eurasian, there is a possibility that the two new iPad models will be revealed by the Apple in March 2018.

Now, many people have speculations that the new iPad models will be the refreshed versions of the 9.7-inch iPad, which is the non-Pro and the regular version.  It is reasonable because an annual refresh or update of the devices is not really weird for the company of Apple and the launching of the 2017 iPad is announced in March last year.

Since the ECC mention two new models, many people believe that those are the 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pros and not the smaller one, 9.7-inch iPad. Many also believe that it may be a 2018 9.7 iPad version. The Apple won’t likely to make a big deal out of these new products even though these might be the refreshed versions of the models of the last year. The Apple simply made a press conference to inform the customers of them that there will be new products when the 9.7 iPad is announced.


There are many speculations because of the filing of the Apple. The new size, looks, and features are what we want to know now. Whatever the new iPad the Apple store for us, it may be worth the wait. If the release is really in March, we have a little time until the Apple will reveal the two new models.