What is best in Google’s new Gmail against Microsoft?

Gmail is extensively popular all over the internet which is developed by Google. Almost everyone used Gmail to send and receive files and messages. It also used in signing ups in numerous sites quickly with just a click.  Gmail is widely used to verify accounts on numerous sites. Gmail provides a lot of services and features to cater the needs of the user. Gmail may access in mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and a lot more. Hence, Google improves their new Gmail with a lot of surprising features, look, and services for the user. It aims to provide a new experience using Gmail in a better and effective way.

The New Gmail is going to beat Microsoft Outloook

Honestly, there is some user did not satisfy the service and features provided by Gmail. That’s why Gmail think the way on how they improve the service they have. The newly design Gmail is one for those who aren’t satisfied with the service. Here are the new features as it follows,

  • Smart business-focused features – in which aims to improve the security, productivity, as well as managing sharing of emails.
  • Newly Design – it is more attractive for the user to enjoy the new look
  • Email Snooze Features
  • Smart Replies

In fact, some of these features may be seen in the Microsoft Outlook Application. In which is used for both business matters as well as workplace emails. Microsoft controls workplace usefulness software. By that, Google mindset is to surpass the Microsoft achievement. Google manifestly wants to make it happen.

The Outlook during the year 2017, they introduce the confidential mode for setting up the expiration dates of emails. The Google has done the same changes, in which enables the user to block the recipients from copying, forwarding, printing, and downloading specific messages.

Google also aims to provide better following services which include:

  • Improved the email phishing detection
  • The to-way-factor authentication – in which primarily aims to protect emails.
  • It enables the user to use more robust offline mode – which is good for the on the go traveler business users. They can be able to use their regular browser Gmail tabs to access Gmail without any concern regarding the connectivity.
  • Biggest Visual Changes – this wants to cater the production services for the Gmail users. In fact, it has a new sidebar for them to easily access the calendar appointments side-by-side. It also has a quick hover button in which enables the user to archive or delete the messages without opening them.



Before, outlook always kept calendar, mail, task, and contacts in only a single app. It has cleverly surfaced when the user creates calendar appointments and finding someone’s number in a company directory. This is the main reason behind the Outlook for the iOS. It keeps the calendar information, email, and contact within a single place without going in and out of the apps.


While on the Gmail side it integrates similar features as what we’ve seen in Outlook. Gmail incorporates the mail, tasks, contacts, and calendar within the Gmail in which proves that one of the big step against Outlook. Gmail aims to serve enjoyment for their user. Hence, a business user may be able to find the useful scheduling meetings as well as managing tasks. Similarly, the security features may help the business user to make emails without destructing themselves.  It also aims to avoid slight human error in which emails go to the mistaken person.

However, all of these features is to provide a better and effective to especially for business users. The efficient way to access a lot of sections on Gmail will help the user to minimize the time.