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Amazon, an e-retail giant refuses to feature products from the smart home products of Google. Amazon has informed the team of Google about their decision of not restocking Nest products which includes home security systems and thermostats. Nest is a smart home products division of Google. It makes connected cameras, smoke detectors, thermostats, and security […]

Xiaomi which is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world is planning to extend the expansion of the company in the west. There are reports that the United States smartphone market is the next target of the Chinese gadget company. The Chinese Company The hardware of this smartphone is available already in more […]

Wondering what does Linked In do for us and where to use? Linked In a type of social networking site in which designed specifically to cater business community. Linked In also offers numerous tips such as use your profile as a resume, Find and Apply for Jobs, Participate to relevant groups, Get back in touch […]

On Wednesday, February 28, Spotify filed to go public. Spotify will trade $1 billion worth of stock on the New York Stock Exchange SPOT. It is based on the documents released on Wednesday. Spotify is pursuing a rare initial public offering that will sell some of the company’s existing stock. The approach will make it […]

According to Apple Company, they’re planning to release their three or more new iPhones autumn this year 2018 probably by September. In this article, you may view numerous rumors regarding the new iPhones of 2018 with their release date, their price, the design, the specs, and the new feature as well. What will the new […]

Come on, people. Who does not know Facebook these days? I mean like seriously, users are of different ages and different continents. It’s one the biggest social media, folks. And here is the thing Face recognition feature is coming to the social network. The feature was announced by Facebook in December.  It uses the same […]

During the Mobile World Congress or MWC 2018, the Asus hosted a media briefing to reveal the new phone to the world and also to address directly the notch of this device which is familiar. According to the global head of marketing of the Asus, many people may say that it is like copying the […]

Numerous user of smartphones badly needs a high capacity storage of their own. This year 2018, Android Go definitely runs on numerous devices in which will release this year. Last week, an important announcement by Google spotted in MWC (Mobile World Congress) regarding of their devices runs Android Go or some may call it Android […]

Planning to buy an iPhone this year? The Apple may always want to cover your needs, just like any other smartphone company, and they may new release new phones based on needs of the consumer. The iPhone will go in a slightly different direction this year which may be the plan of the Apple. The […]

Samsung introduced new flagships of their Brand – Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus to compete with iPhones. Let’s do a comparison between the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung Galaxy S9 is out now but it is not much different from Samsung Galaxy S8. Though Galaxy S9 features a […]