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Tablets are not dead. They may not be the most exciting products these days but for Huawei, they are a growing business.  Huawei, a Chinese networking giant, argues that they are the third largest tablet maker in the world. The company unveiled two new tablets under the MediaPad brand at the Mobile World Congress Press […]

Nokia is one of the most popular manufacturers of phones. After a year, Nokia introduces their 3310 during the year 2017 at HDM Global. Today year 2018, Nokia proudly introduced their newest Banana Phone – Nokia 8110 that supports 4G Connectivity. The original concept of 8110 is firstly introduce way back 1996 in which firstly […]

Although there is the popularity of the well-known AirPods, the Apple may be working for the design of the new headphones which gives the customers more option on their listening experience. The Prediction of an Analyst A possible new audio product that is an over-ear, high-end headphone with a design that is all new is […]

Currently, people used a 2G, 3G, as well as LTE connectivity. And it was amazing surprise to have a 5G connectivity. Who is Intel? Intel is widely known as the world’s largest producer of computer chips. Even if they’re challenged to produce a Cyrix and AMD chips this recent year, Intel nonetheless controls their pc […]

When a wireless in-ear headphone which is called the AirPods was announced by the Apple, many people give several mixed reactions. People questions like if this headphone is really a promising one, will it really stays on the ear or if this will not look weird or funny. In the past, people don’t know what […]

Kylie Jenner wiped out $1.3 Billion of Snap’s Market Value in one tweet.  Jenner is ‘sad’ about the Snapchat’s new redesign and tweeted about it. With this one tweet shared to her 25 million followers, Snapchat’s stock has gone down to more than 6% on Thursday afternoon.  The TV reality star has been one of […]

This year 2018, numerous brands of high-end smartphones as well as gadgets released and reveals wherein competitions exist between companies including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Asus and a lot more. Meanwhile, rumors exists regarding with the new version of cheaper and smaller Apple’s 4in iPhone SE that will launch this year 2018. […]

  This year, many people have high expectations in regards to refreshed versions of iPad that the Apple will release. Because of the most recent registration filings of the Apple, two new models of iPad are expected to be released this early this year. The Eurasian Economic Commission or the ECC gives approval to the […]


Twitter has quietly purged thousands of bots overnight. On February 21, social media policy stated new set of guidelines that will ban mass tweets, likes or follows using third-party policy and the Tweetdeck of the company. It is intended to stop bots from posting mass similar tweets and to stop artificially putting of hashtags of […]

Everyone is definitely familiar with External Hard Drive disk as well as Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud, Zumo Drive, Google Cloud Data Store, and a lot more all of these are the storage of files such as documents, music, videos, and many more. Numerous rumors trends today on the internet regarding the announcement of Samsung […]