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  Many are saying that the ambition of the Microsoft on a smartphone might be possibly over. New news and the Microsoft’s own announcement possibly means double killing their own phones. The Announcement The announcement of the Microsoft in a blog post is all about warning the users of the Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0 […]

iPhone X

 vs  Are you planning to buy the best and latest Smartphone this weekend and you cannot decide which is better than what and more worth it to pay for? Apple’s iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 are the best competitions on the market today. Google Pixel 2 XL specs Pixel 2 XL resembles Galaxy S8, […]

Today Apple is popularly known in the world with they developed mobile phones, laptops, iPad, and a lot more with the expensive price and assurance of the quality they build and currently they confirmed that iOS version 11.2.6 is being released in the public without any test. Thus, the developers are currently working on the […]

  This year Samsung is launching new phones that are called S9 and S9+. These phones will be released this spring which is really close. But there are rumors regarding the information about the new phones earlier than the release date by leaking it on the online world. The Design The company of Samsung becomes […]

Sony will reveal the next generations of Xperia Flagship in a week. The launch event is scheduled in Barcelona on Monday, February 26, 2018, at the Mobile World Congress. Rumors and gossips say that during the press conference, Xperia will announce two new smartphones for the fans and supporters of the famous brand, Sony. Sony […]

Everyone is excited to start their year with the word ‘NEW’ running in their minds. New places to visit, new goals to achieve, new things to try, and most of all the newest trends to experience this year. We have listed 8 technology trends that are ready for exploitation this year 2018. See it for […]

The launch of Samsung S9 is one of the most awaited events in the mobile world this 2018. Rumors have been spreading over the internet regarding the Galaxy S9 release date, price, and specs. Thus, the Samsung Company confirmed that they will be launching the Galaxy S9 on February 25 at MVW (Mobile World Congress) […]

Fixing Google Chrome`s Issue:  Proxy Tunnel Acquire Information on how to fix when Google Chrome doesn`t load pages and sites but keeps displaying “Waiting for proxy tunnel” note on the status bar.        Steps in Fixing Google Chrome`s problem: “Waiting for Proxy Tunnel” Choose Setting on Google Chrome icon Choose Advance then, System then, […]

The financial performance of Apple Inc. has increased because of a single product which is the iPhone. These past days, Apple’s iPhone comprises up to 70% of the revenue in a given quarter. However the iPhone X could be Apple’s worst nightmare. Most of the Apple’s iPhone history, the company only publicize one model every […]

Microsoft Reportedly Working on a Courier Device Microsoft created a mysterious device that is a courier device which didn’t come out for the consumers to experience. It is clear in this article that Microsoft reportedly working on a courier device. Microsoft courier has a two-screen that can fold like a book and is designed like […]