What Case filed by Microsoft against Lundgren?

Who does not recognize Microsoft? Microsoft has extensively known worldwide. Microsoft provides services, develops, and licenses manufacturers supports. It also sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. However, Microsoft is very popular in tech and service industry due to their operating system which is commonly used by millions of their followers. In fact, the Microsoft software is disseminated all over on the internet. Some user abused the usage of Microsoft Software. By that, Microsoft made an action for selling discs containing free Microsoft Software. This action may effectively be done once it found that the user violating their rules and regulation of the company.

Who is Eric Lundgren?

Eric Lundgren is widely known as the responsible for the selling of discs owned by Microsoft. He played a role in importing, copying, and selling the Microsoft Software. Eric Lundgren is the CEO of electronic reuse as well as recycling company and being the (ITAP) IT Asset Partners. He also was known as the inventor and e-waste recycler.

How long would it take?

Eric Lundgren suffers a 15months of imprisonment. It was effectively during the month of February 28, 2017. Months ago the sentence of Eric Lundgren was effectively received. He also requires paying almost $50,000 fine. A lot of violation made by Eric Lundgren may take numerous consequences for him and also to the user.

The Story behind the Microsoft Software for Free

Eric Lundgren has the ability to spread the restore discs which are given to everyone who purchases a computer. In fact, this computer has a licensed Windows version which could be free to download online. By doing matter, Microsoft files complaints against Eric Lundgren regarding the distribution of Microsoft Discs. Eric Lundgren aims to help the user to preserve their computers running longer. Microsoft debated that this Free Downloadable Software should cost $25 each disk, in which court agrees.

In fact, Lundgren had almost 28,000 disks which are ready to be distributed to a broker in Florida. It is being sold for only 25cents each disk. These stores then wouldn’t have to cause them to. And the user who doesn’t essentially recognize that they are able to log on to download software. In which the software programs could keep their computers without buying new ones. According to the court appeals that this issue may cost around $700,000.

The Right to Repair was been emotionally argued in current months, particularly due to the fact California proposed a regulation. This might require the electronics manufacturers to create repair information. It also requires repairing the parts available which belong to the product owners. It also effectively requires the third-party shops and repair services to do the same thing.

Although as Lundgren’s case demonstrates, the companies are likely more concerned over a loss in profit than anything else. Seventeen different states have recommended the similar law. Most foremost tech agencies, along with Microsoft and Apple, are against the idea. The idea in which letting the customers repair their personal devices. Due to the reason that it poses a security risk to customers. Despite the fact that as Lundgren case reveals, the companies are probably more involved over a loss in earnings than something else.