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Google Map is very useful especially for those who loves traveling to places. They use this amazing application to find the exact locations of the place they want to go to. That having said, it is so brilliant that Google Map has incorporated Q&A feature in its application. This feature adds additional information already available […]

Since the emission of applications being the lifestyle on smartphones, app developers have heaped on features and have made these applications rather bloated. This is so true for social media applications like Facebook App, Instagram, etc. because they will only run swiftly when you have a fast internet connection and a powerful hardware. Nonetheless, many […]

Although the response of users for Facebook Stories is very tepid, the famous social networking site still continues with the development of its own full-screen Camera feature. On August 15, Facebook added the newest feature in their Camera that allows its users to go Live, shoot GIFs for two seconds and share their very own posts in a full-text […]

Only a month after garnering 173 staff participants, music streaming app maker SoundCloud received a “significant” investment it said that will make sure its future independence and power improvement of its middle gear. The funding came from a global merchant financial institution The Raine group and Singapore-based investment company, Temasek. In step with media reviews, […]

After the developers found that the AI had created its own unique language that the people couldn’t understand, the Facebook shuts down an artificial intelligence engine. The Researchers at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR) found that the chatbots had differ from the script and were imparting in a new language developed without any human […]

Consolidating two of the tech giant’s best-known products to the add-on keyboard to make messaging considerably simpler; Google’s Gboard application got a major upgrade on iOS. Gboard has included support for Google Maps and YouTube, in addition to the capacity to make your own in-application drawings to spice up discussions, taking off now for iPhone […]