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Haven’t you heard? Google Maps added wheelchair accessible routes in their application. Thursday, March 15, 2018, when Google announced that google maps now adds a wheelchair accessible information to their app to make the transportation experience of everyone more convenient. Google always helps when we ask for it, that’s why the year 2016 when Google […]

What everyone thought to be just a science fiction is now getting its realization. Recently, Kitty Hawk, a startup company in California backed up by the Co-founder of Google Larry Page has amazingly made a pilotless flying taxi which can land and take off in a vertical way. The flying taxi called Cora made its […]

Mozilla Firefox newly update is currently available to download in which updates such as the backgrounds, so numerous users want best for the re-launch of their browser to get the latest version. Currently, January 23, 2018, Mozilla Firefox release their new updates of Firefox 59 for Linux, MacOS, and Windows continuing the fashion of pushing […]


Twitter has been aggressively pursuing new advertising business, according to different advertising agencies. According to eMarketer, Twitter is the sixth largest company of digital advertising revenue last year. Since users are used to posting on Twitter, the video is generally much more profitable to advertise than text. And the idea of camera-first Twitter Moments is […]

Currently, there is 7 version of Android Operating System existing today and there is 1 more upcoming Android OS which is the Android “Oreo” the eight major version of the Android Operating System developed by Google. It was the first preview and spotted last year March 2017 and released the information’s in public August 21, […]

            The famous Italian brand and manufacturer of super luxurious sports cars, supercars, tractors, and SUVs is moving its game forward with their new release. Late 1980’s when Lamborghini produced its first ever SUV which is the LM002 and also known as the “Lamborghini truck” and now they released its follow […]

Google Assistant and Google Home are going to be more helpful with its six Google Assistant routines. Google Assistant Routines Release Date Google announced in October that they are following the steps of Amazon and they will add multistep smart home routines. With a voice command, it will allow you to take several actions like […]

In the rise of modern technologies, glasses are associated with developments that simulate augmented reality. Augmented reality is the incorporation of digital information with the real world environment. Recently, a renowned digital and electronics company Toshiba revealed their new wearable smart glasses that is powered by windows. Toshiba’s smart glasses is somewhat the same with […]

Nowadays, users want to have their own latest as well as the greatest tech in terms of smartphones that are affordable to buy for anyone. Currently, the Chinese Brand exists which is the Honor that is one of the flagship smartphones in the industry and took by storm during CES 2018. Currently, Honor is under […]

Spotify announced the launch of Line-In, the new tool that will allow the community members to input information about the music data like genre, explicitness, or mood and many more. It aims to control the understanding of the crowd in correcting and expanding the data of Spotify over the period of time. It could also […]