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iPhone X or iPhone 8? What would you choose? this article may help you in your buying decision Apple Inc.publicized three new iPhones on its special event in the month of September 2017, the iPhone X which is pronounced as iPhone 10, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+. When upgrading your phone, choose the design which […]

Which is better? IPhone or Android When it comes in getting a perfect smart phone, the best can be the hardest choice: its either IPhone or Android. It’s not that easy, both Phones suggest many extreme characteristics and they may look        mostly the same other than type and value. However it looks like the appearance […]

Many people expected to that Apple will push the Augmented Reality feature in their new devices. However, the ARKit was largely used as a footnote on Tuesday’s event where Apple focused more on the features like Animoji and Face ID. The most remarkable announcement about this ARKit was that the company will bring face-tracking support […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been officially released. There is a rumor that Samsung will launch again a new device which is known as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The device is expected to launch in year 2019, although Samsung did not confirm anything yet. According to some reports, the Galaxy S9 will be using a […]

Although the response of users for Facebook Stories is very tepid, the famous social networking site still continues with the development of its own full-screen Camera feature. On August 15, Facebook added the newest feature in their Camera that allows its users to go Live, shoot GIFs for two seconds and share their very own posts in a full-text […]