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Massive Galaxy X Leaks Will Protect Galaxy S9 Last month there has been an interest in Samsung’s new smartphone project that has reached the mainstream. A folded screen smartphone was proposed which is the Galaxy X and it is set to show its capabilities. Samsung proposed a folded screen smartphone and is to be shown […]

iPhone X or iPhone 8? What would you choose? this article may help you in your buying decision Apple Inc.publicized three new iPhones on its special event in the month of September 2017, the iPhone X which is pronounced as iPhone 10, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+. When upgrading your phone, choose the design which […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been officially released. There is a rumor that Samsung will launch again a new device which is known as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The device is expected to launch in year 2019, although Samsung did not confirm anything yet. According to some reports, the Galaxy S9 will be using a […]

If you are planning to buy Samsung latest device, I think this article will help you. In the past years, Samsung released a different variety of smart phones. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was already released yesterday (August 24, 2017), and if you will take a look at the device the phone looks like […]

              Google’s smart speaker unveils its innovation – Google Home can be used as a phone for voice calls. The new feature of Google Home’s calling feature will be out in the US and Canada beginning today. A user-friendly device that allows you to dial anyone that is in your contacts for free – […]

Nokia is now back in the game! Nokia launched its newest android smartphone flagship, Nokia 8. And guess what, it is going to be more stunning than ever. Actually, Nokia’s newest smartphone flagship isn’t their first Android smartphone. The company has already launched their very own smartphone such as the Nokia 3, the mid-range Nokia […]