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Gmail is extensively popular all over the internet which is developed by Google. Almost everyone used Gmail to send and receive files and messages. It also used in signing ups in numerous sites quickly with just a click.  Gmail is widely used to verify accounts on numerous sites. Gmail provides a lot of services and […]

Who does not recognize Microsoft? Microsoft has extensively known worldwide. Microsoft provides services, develops, and licenses manufacturers supports. It also sells consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. However, Microsoft is very popular in tech and service industry due to their operating system which is commonly used by millions of their followers. In fact, the […]

Facebook is very popular today. Facebook has become one of the most application which is used to communicate, share feelings, and even business matters. Facebook has great influences in the daily lives of the user. It offers a reliable and accurate information to be disseminated all over the internet. Facebook become one of the most […]

What everyone thought to be just a science fiction is now getting its realization. Recently, Kitty Hawk, a startup company in California backed up by the Co-founder of Google Larry Page has amazingly made a pilotless flying taxi which can land and take off in a vertical way. The flying taxi called Cora made its […]

            The famous Italian brand and manufacturer of super luxurious sports cars, supercars, tractors, and SUVs is moving its game forward with their new release. Late 1980’s when Lamborghini produced its first ever SUV which is the LM002 and also known as the “Lamborghini truck” and now they released its follow […]

Xiaomi which is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world is planning to extend the expansion of the company in the west. There are reports that the United States smartphone market is the next target of the Chinese gadget company. The Chinese Company The hardware of this smartphone is available already in more […]

Planning to buy an iPhone this year? The Apple may always want to cover your needs, just like any other smartphone company, and they may new release new phones based on needs of the consumer. The iPhone will go in a slightly different direction this year which may be the plan of the Apple. The […]

Nokia is one of the most popular manufacturers of phones. After a year, Nokia introduces their 3310 during the year 2017 at HDM Global. Today year 2018, Nokia proudly introduced their newest Banana Phone – Nokia 8110 that supports 4G Connectivity. The original concept of 8110 is firstly introduce way back 1996 in which firstly […]

  This year, many people have high expectations in regards to refreshed versions of iPad that the Apple will release. Because of the most recent registration filings of the Apple, two new models of iPad are expected to be released this early this year. The Eurasian Economic Commission or the ECC gives approval to the […]

  Many are saying that the ambition of the Microsoft on a smartphone might be possibly over. New news and the Microsoft’s own announcement possibly means double killing their own phones. The Announcement The announcement of the Microsoft in a blog post is all about warning the users of the Windows Phone 7.5 and 8.0 […]