Everything you need to know about the Rumors of New iPhone 2018

According to Apple Company, they’re planning to release their three or more new iPhones autumn this year 2018 probably by September.

In this article, you may view numerous rumors regarding the new iPhones of 2018 with their release date, their price, the design, the specs, and the new feature as well.

What will the new iPhones be called?

Right here are a number of the possibilities:

  • iPhone X Plus – the new version of current iPhone X
  • iPhone Xs/Xs+
  • iPhone 9/9+
  • iPhone 11/11+
  • iPhone/iPhone+

Wondering if this was possibly done by Apple Company? Just continue reading this article numerous information found here.

Exciting Release date of the new iPhones

According to the Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that they will ensure that all of the new models will be released this year 2018. Way back 2017 stated that the company aims to achieve the stable shipments as well as on-time shipping.

How many surprising new iPhones this 2018?

As spotted in initial reports regarding the new release iPhones in 2018 that there are three iPhones to be launched autumn this year 2018. Further, according to other reports in January 2018 that more than three iPhone will be launched.

Last year November 2017, Ming-Chi Kuo the Apple analyst forecast that there are three new iPhones launched by autumn 2018 with the same design with all-screen. Some details of each new models followed up during January 2018 as what you’ve shown below, that’s:

  • iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 – 5.8” (inches)  OLED (more largely than iPhone X)
  • iPhone X Plus / iPhone 11 Plus – 6.5” (inches) OLED
  • 6.1” (inches) – the cheaper one price ranging around $700

According to Nikkei, last year December 2017 specify from its reliable source that there are 6.3” (inches), 5.8” (inches), two OLED new models, and the 6.3” (inches) LCD screen type.

  • 6.1” (inches) LCD
  • 5.8” (inches) OLED
  • 6.3” (inches) OLED

In January according to Luke Jin recognize as senior analyst of DigiTimes Research that focus on mobile industry as well as smartphones platforms that there will be a four new iPhones by 2018.

  • 6.0” (inches) – 6.1” (inches) OLED
  • 6.4” (inches) – 6.5” (inches) OLED
  • 6.0” (inches) – 6.1” (inches)  LCD
  • 5.7” (inches) – 5.8” (inches)  LCD

Expected price of new iPhone 2018

We all know that iPhone smartphone is expensive but with high-end quality. As of 2018, they will probably release three or more new iPhones with cheaper price. Apple Company aims to attract buyers to purchase iPhone X-style handset with budget-friendly.

According to Economic daily, there are two codenames of iPhone X-style the first one Hangzhou that considered as budget phone and the second is the expensive one Lisboa.

According to Kuo, the price of the cheaper handset is ranging around $649 up to $749. The value of that when it translates comes up to £649 up to £749, discounted price of $50.

Best New Features and Specs

Last 2017, Wireless charging, as well as Face ID, exist. Right here are the new expecting features as well as specifications of new iPhones 2018

  • Face ID/Touch ID

According to Ming-Chi Kuo Apple Analyst that they will expand their new facial recognition Face ID to all their new iPhones this autumn 2018 as well as the Touch ID for fingerprint scanning even if was still remain as a technological challenge for them.

  • Apple Pencil compatibility

Apple spotted their fans requesting the new stylus input for their iPhones. Since some of their fans claims that this was quite some time useful and helpful. The larger screen phones are great to use the Apple Pencil which is rumored to support on iPhone X+.

  • Cameras

There are numerous updates for cameras as of 2018 as specified below.

  1. Front-facing ‘TrueDepth’ 3D camera
  2. Rear-facing 3D scanner (for AR)
  3. Anti-recording patent
  4. ‘Super-resolution’ photos
  5. Interchangeable camera lenses
  • Batteries

As of 2018, numerous improvements regarding batteries found below.

  • RAM

According to Ming-Chi Kuo that it has a big possibility to have a 4GB RAM in which the iPhone X has a 3GB RAM.

  • Gigabit LTE/LTE Advanced

There is next to 4G connectivity named Gigabit LTE. It appears in all likelihood that this year 2018 iPhone’s flagship possibly feature for technology. Gigabit LTE aims to provide a 1,000 megabits download speed per second. The benefit of Gigabit LTE for the users is to cater their data connections long distance away from a base tower and to be able for the user to stay connected even if they will be surrounded by jostling devices.

However, Gigabit LTE is different with 5G Connectivity in which 5G capacity speeds of 1Gb per second or even up to 10Gb per second.

  • 5G

Apple applies for an application to test their performance regarding their cellular link in the direct path as well as their multi-path environments among to their base station of receivers and transmitters using the 39GHz and 28GHz bands, that’s why they are qualified and approved for 5G and the wireless technology “millimeter wave”. 5G Connectivity will deliver the fastest way of cellular connections

  • Long-range wireless charging

Wireless charging today is considered as technology standards especially when we get it on iPhone 8 as well as iPhone X. It is very convenient to have this kind of charging, you don’t need to stress yourself to find the comfortable place and find the charging mat.

The Apple Company work it for you the new long-range wireless charging that will cater the charging distance about 1meter by the use of field magnetic resonance.

As technology grows fast, new developments exist this year 2018. This looks like a new budget phone who want to save their money and used for important matters.