Facebook Camera now boosts with amazing Live, GIF & text sharing

Although the response of users for Facebook Stories is very tepid, the famous social networking site still continues with the development of its own full-screen Camera feature. On August 15, Facebook added the newest feature in their Camera that allows its users to go Live, shoot GIFs for two seconds and share their very own posts in a full-text manner on wonderful colored background from their Facebook Camera. This newest Facebook Camera’s feature lets you share your captured photograph or GIF to Facebook Stories, Direct messages and in your News Feed.

This newest update from Facebook offers its users a lot of creative and visual appearance to its Camera feature and might draw the younger audiences’ attention that has been hooked on other social networking sites like, Instagram and Snapchat. The update that Facebook has made can also be used with the latest Augmented Reality (AR) filters also available in the app.

With this new updates’ Live feature, you are now allowed to record a video and immediately share it with your audiences straight from the Facebook Camera feature while making use of the feature’s effects to add more beauty in your video. This Live video feature automatically pops up in Your Stories, where it can be seen by your friends. An option to share your live video on your Timeline is also included, and this is done by just hitting the “Post” button instead of “Your Story”. An audience selector is also included in this new update which allows you to decide which of your friends can see your live video.

In this new update on Camera, you can also create your own GIF animation picture quickly and easily. You can do this by simply swiping the screen left to open your camera and choose the option at the top of your screen to record your GIF.

If you want to share more texts with your Facebook friends and followers, this new update of Facebook Camera now allows you to create full-screen text posts with stunning colored backgrounds.

Others consider this latest update of Facebook Camera feature as a step towards increasing user-based Facebook Stories just like in Instagram’s Stories that lets you share a short-lived multimedia that vanishes after its 24 hours display time.

The updated Facebook Camera is expected to be released on the Google Play Store in the next few days.

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