Facebook Lite is Coming to the US this Week

Great news for Facebook users who are frustrated with the size and data usage of the Facebook app. Facebook Lite is rolling out and it is a less demanding version of the Facebook app.

Facebook is bringing Facebook Lite, Facebook’s data-conserving app to the U.S. Facebook Lite was originally created for developing markets. According to Reuters, the app will launch in the U.S on Friday. Facebook Lite will also be available in the U.K., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and Ireland.

Facebook is making Facebook Lite available only for Android users. Facebook did not comment on when a version of the app for iPhone users will be released.

About Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite was originally launched in 2015 and is presently available in more than 100 countries. It works on slow 2G connections and handsets that are running on outdated versions of Android. As of last year, Facebook Lite had 200 million monthly users and it became one of the most popular social network apps. It is based on the Snaptu version of Facebook.

Facebook Lite Features

Facebook said, that to help the users to have a great Facebook experience without regard where they connected or the bandwidth they have. In other countries, Facebook Lite was rolled out as a standalone app with features such as News Feed, status updates, push notifications, and camera or photo integration. And now, they are offering Facebook Lite in more countries so that users experience the power of native app while being lightweight.

Facebook Lite uses far lesser data compared to the main Facebook app. The Lite version is a great alternative if you are worried about your data cap because the main Facebook app uses too much data background.

Facebook Lite vs the Facebook Main app

Though Facebook Lite was created for users with slow internet connections, users with fine connections may also use the app as well. The Lite version takes up less space on the user’s phone, and it was designed to use less data as it displays photos and posts from the user’s friends.

The Lite version is also a good solution for users who are not that keen on using Facebook. Facebook Lite app has features like News Feed, profiles, and notifications. With these features, the user less likely to spend time scrolling through the app.

  • Download: The Facebook main app is 35mb and Facebook is constantly updating while Facebook Lite version is 435kb.
  • Ram: The Facebook app contains many features so it occupies at least 150mb to 300mb of RAM in the background while Facebook Lite consumes 50mb to 150mb of the RAM.
  • User Interface: The Facebook main app has a smoother UI and high-quality images. With that, the app consumes more data while the Lite version is the opposite.
  • Chat: Chat is available on the Lite version while the user has to download the Messenger app when using the main Facebook app. It is an additional consumption of RAM.
  • Multimedia: On Facebook Lite the videos do not play automatically. It saves data.
  • Costs: Both apps are free but downloads, updates, and data transfer are easier on the Lite version.
  • Speed: The Lite version is faster than the main app.
  • Notifications, alerts, audio: The Lite version reduces the alerts and pops up notifications.

Facebook has been creating pared-down versions of the app like Facebook Zero and Facebook Lite. Facebook also offered free internet in some countries through Free Basics. And Facebook has a team working on reducing the data traffic of the app including when showing ads, photos or 360-degree videos.