Why Facebook restricts APIs including Instagram?

Facebook is very popular today. Facebook has become one of the most application which is used to communicate, share feelings, and even business matters. Facebook has great influences in the daily lives of the user. It offers a reliable and accurate information to be disseminated all over the internet. Facebook become one of the most powerful applications used to entertain and spread numerous data’s and information. But people nowadays used Facebook for fun and discouragement. A lot of fake news that is being published and disseminated to everyone. Some used the profile of friends, to bear some unethical issues. That’s why the owner and the developer of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s make an action. The Facebook restricts the connection to Instagram and other APIs around Facebook. It also includes the prioritizing the safety of the user as well as the data privacy.

Consequences of Facebook APIs restrictions

Mark Zuckerberg’s embraces to have a better experience using Facebook. Prioritizing the safety and data privacy is the main reason for the said restrictions. By that, Instagram and Facebook announce the said APIs restriction. This consequences specified below:


  • Some changes which are designed to end developers to pull the data of the user or even their friends without specific permissions.
  • The dragging of public content and encouraging the user to share.
  • Search by Email – these restrictions may prevent the user to search username or email. In fact, it redirects to accounts recovery system. Once it is discovered doing malicious activities using people’s information.
  • Limit to Access – to access the Groups, Facebook Events, Page APIs, and even Login, there should be a requiring approval.


  • Leave Comments – It refuses the ability of the user to pull the identification (names) and the bio of the user on content.
  • Commenters – For those users who write comments, it is still available to see the comment text.
  • Some modifications pass into impact today, and others are expected on August 1 to roll out. Hence, there are only 90 allotted days for the developer to fix the application.

Facebook has a great power to provide a major service which is the safety of the platform software. It aims to provide a fast-and-loose information for people which entice the builders to its platform who might flip create a capability that pushes up greater interest.

What are those Facebook APIs?

Facebook specified all the APIs belongs to the said shutdown. It includes the following:

  • EVENTS API – the developers may no longer pull guest list as well as posting on the event wall.
  • GROUPS API – the user will not be able to post without any approval of group Admin and Facebook. In result, Group Management will be better than before.
  • PAGES API – this is for the sake of the developers to provide better useful services and that future access. But there is also a Facebook approval. This could be done by restricting the management apps for moderating comments and scheduled post.
  • FACEBOOK LOGIN – this activity will strictly require the user to review the process. And apps will not be able to pull personal information from the user.
  • ACCOUNT RECOVERY – in this activity, Facebook may no longer to accept someone’s submitting their emails and or phone numbers. This may protect the accounts from preventing to scraping. However, it still works in more restricting actions. Due to some useful tricks to retrieve accounts.
  • SEARCHING THRU EMAIL OR NUMBER – this action may no longer work, due to the different unethical issues regarding the usage of someone’s information identity. It also cycling thru the IP addresses to prevent blocked by Facebook.

Facebook restrictions may affect all of the sectors using Facebook in our daily lives. These restrictions have advantages and disadvantages for the user. Hence, let’s be responsible to do numerous activities in Facebook.