Fixing Google Chrome`s Issue:  Proxy Tunnel

Fixing Google Chrome`s Issue:  Proxy Tunnel

Acquire Information on how to fix when Google Chrome doesn`t load pages and sites but keeps displaying “Waiting for proxy tunnel” note on the status bar.



Steps in Fixing Google Chrome`s problem: “Waiting for Proxy Tunnel”

  1. Choose Setting on Google Chrome icon
  2. Choose Advance then, System then, Open Proxy Settings



  1. Select on Local-Area Network or LAN Settings, uncheck “Automatically detect settings” and then choose OK


Before trying the procedure above, you need to affirm that the problem is with Google Chrome only, for that,

  1. Reload Google Chrome and see the site or page you`re trying to visits restarts fine.
  2. Open another web browser like Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, and try to observe the websites without any problem, if they work, problem is with Google Chrome, start fact-finding.
  3. Open Incognito Window and review if the problem persists.

For Google Chrome User, Visiting the website of incognito gave 404 not found an error, while Mozilla Firefox had no problem.

  1. Clean Google Chrome Browsing data and analyze if the problem persists.


Do note the post has been altered to include the recent fix that worked.