Google and Walmart are partnering on voice shopping in a challenge to Amazon’s Alexa

Walmart has the largest share of the United States grocery market and it has more stores than any other retailer. It is also working hard to close the online gap between the Amazon. Walmart decided to put up their voice-activated shopping just like the Amazon. The difference of Walmart from Amazon is that Walmart will not do it alone. Google will be the partner of Wal-Mart in putting up the voice-activated shopping. The world largest retailer will work with Google to offer hundreds of items for voice-activated shopping with the use of Google Assistant.

“Voice shopping is becoming a more important part of everyday shopping behavior,” this statement is come from the chief executive of Wal-Mart’s U.S. e commerce business, Marc Lore.

Voice activated devices plays a very important role as they become more accessible. And even Apple will release one device this coming year. According to Walmart, the Google will help the voice-activated shopping more popular, if Google will have an investment on the artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

By the end of September, customers will be able to purchase Walmart products through Google Express, an online place where customers can purchase and set up delivery from stores like Walgreens and Target. Walmart shoppers can link their customer accounts to Google and they will get personalized recommendations. It would be the first time that the product of the world’s biggest retailer would be available online in the United States and outside their website.

After the alliance of Google and Walmart, Google announced changes on Google Express for them to compete better with Amazon. Google was charged with an annual membership fee with $95, same through with Amazon who pays the same amount. Due to this changes, Google express will offer free delivery within the range of one to three days if the order meets a stores minimum entry. One example of this is, Walmart recently introduced free two–day shipping on orders over $35, and if the customers purchase a product worth $35 via Walmart Google Express the customer will no longer pay for the shipping fee.

It is true that there is competition between the Amazon and Walmart. Amazon is opening a more retail stores while the Walmart is making huge acquisitions and they are investing a lot in new e-commerce technology. Before the partnership happens between the Walmart and Google, Walmart also invested in different retailers like and Bonobos in the past years.

Just like Walmart, Google and Amazon are competitors in different industries, like e-commerce, to the cloud and digital assistants to smart speakers. In addition to this, in a couple of years Google will open an up a big new Seattle office in the heart of Amazons Turf.

Starting next year, the partnership between the Walmart and Google will expand to include the capability to place orders for in-store pickup at Walmart Stores through Google Home and the capability to order fresh grocery items.