Google Home: a not-so-typical speaker


            Google’s smart speaker unveils its innovation – Google Home can be used as a phone for voice calls. The new feature of Google Home’s calling feature will be out in the US and Canada beginning today. A user-friendly device that allows you to dial anyone that is in your contacts for free – as long as the caller and the call recipient are within one of those two countries.

            Knowing that Amazon and its Echo devices introduced the messaging and calling feature earlier this year, Google hinted us that they are taking a step to challenge it. But the two companies along with their respective devices show how different the feature actually works and who you’re able to communicate with.

How to call someone using your Google Home Speaker?

            Just like any other Smartphones you just have to say the magic word “Okay Google, call (recipient)” or “Hey, Google” depending on your preference to activate the speaker. Google Home allows you to make a personal call or even business calls as long as your call recipient is stored in Google contacts, or if it isn’t you have to make sure that those numbers are also stored in Google’s cloud.

It is just a typical speaker phone.

            If this is what you presume, you are certainly wrong! Yes, it might seem that it is just acting as a speakerphone but the calls are made over the Wi-Fi so you don’t have to worry about the consumption of your carrier’s plan. The calls are entirely separated from your phone.

Here are the lists of what Google Home can do:

  • The Google Assistant can even recognize your voice from others in the house, and that’s not a feature of a typical speaker phone.
  • You can also get a real-time response if you ask something from your Google Home.
  • You can request Google Home to play music from your playlist, podcasts or radio from services like Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora and more
  • It can also help you to manage your schedules
  • Google Home connects smoothly with smart devices like Chromecast, Nest and Philips Hue, so you can use your voice to set the perfect temperature or turn down the lights

What are the differences between Google Home and Amazon Alexa in terms of calling?

  • Google Home allows you to call anyone as long as your call recipient is in your contacts, it doesn’t matter if they own a Home or not. And you don’t have to install any app for you to make a call unlike in Alexa, you have to call someone else’s Echo device or use the Alexa smartphone app.
  • Since Google Home is a smart speaker, video chat is unavailable to its service. And this time Alexa probably wins because its service provides face-to-face calls with two Echo devices or an Alexa app and an Echo device.

911 calls are not supported “YET” atleast

            Since the calls are made over the Wi-Fi, expect that calling 911 in emergency cases is not the best action to make. Emergency hotline such as 911 might have trouble finding your accurate location, and they might think that it is just a prank call. However, Google is still trying to resolve this case considering that it would be very helpful in critical situations that you can’t make a phone call and just yell out “Hey Google, dial 911 I’m on an allergy attack”. Please hurry up Google.

            Nevertheless, we can still say that Google Home might help you in your home efficiently.