Google test new perma-silence feature for sites in Chrome

Google Chrome is testing a new feature that would mute the audio from website easier. The new feature will be accessible in Google Chrome Canary, a version of Chrome intended for early adopters and developers. According to some, muting a website audio is very easy. If you are using chrome you can do it by simply right-clicking on the tab of the website. But this new feature can give you the option to permanently block the websites from playing its audio.

As we all know, audio plays a very important role in the internet, especially when it comes to entertainment and multimedia content, but sometimes audio can be irritating. For example when a website plays an advertisement video with sound, an audio will play to notify the user and play videos with audio.

Mostly, any playback audio that is not user initiated is problematic from usability point of view.

Most of the web browsers today have the option to mute sites open in the browser. Some of them display the icon on the tab bar of their browser so that the user would be able mute the audio easily and other browser requires the user to right click on the tabs to mute the website just like what I mention a while ago.

Google test this new feature in the company’s Chrome browser, this feature will grant the user an option to mute the website audio permanently.

If the website is muted this way, then you cannot play the audio anymore. This is how they differ from Chrome’s tab muting functionality because tab muting is only temporary compare to audio muting that the action being done is permanently.

Currently the new feature is only tested in Chrome Canary. If you are a Chrome user who is interested on trying it, you have to run a Chrome Canary with a special parameter to make it possible.

Here are the instructions on how to enable it in your Windows.

  1. Right-click the Chrome Canary icon located in the Windows taskbar or right you can right click on the Chrome Canary in the menu that opens and select its properties.
  2. Locate the target field on the Shortcut tab, and at the end of it attach these following characters. -enable-features=Sound Content Setting.
  3. Just make sure that there are spaces between the last character of the target field and the new parameter.
  4. To save the changes you made just click the OK button.
  5. Lastly, to officially use it you have to RESTART your Google Chrome.

You can still add sounds on your browsers content buy using these two new options to control the sound in two ways afterwards. Here are the two ways:

  1. Click on the “i” icon located in front of the website to display the content settings. You can find a new option, it allows you to change it to its default setting to “always allow” or “always disallow” for that certain website.
  2. The second option can be found in the Chrome Settings. Type chrome://settings/content in the browsers address bar and look for Sound Option. You will see the default option which is “allowed”. But you can still disallow it and later on you can also manage block listing.

The new Sound content setting has a new several interesting options. You will have the right to disallow the audio of specific sites or you may disallow sound permanently and allow it on particular sites that you want sound to be enabled on.