Google tests data-friendly version of its Search app

Since the emission of applications being the lifestyle on smartphones, app developers have heaped on features and have made these applications rather bloated. This is so true for social media applications like Facebook App, Instagram, etc. because they will only run swiftly when you have a fast internet connection and a powerful hardware.

Nonetheless, many individuals out there can’t afford the cost of this prevailing smartphones and do not have a fast internet service. This has justified the need to create applications that could provide the rudimentary services for those people who have basic smartphones and have slow internet service speed.

Google application has been one of the G-applications on Android that allow users to search things they need to know, read latest news or articles, and much more. Because of the guys over AndoirdPolice who has eagle’s eye in newest in technology, the public has now known about a certain testing made by Google. They have found out that Google is now conducting a testing for a lite variety of its search app.

Search Lite is the unofficial name of the application and this is actually an optimized and modified version of Google app. The main purpose of this application is to help those who have poor internet connection because of poor cellular signals.

We could expect that this application will most likely to be like most applications that has its versions of lite. Just like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and the likes.

Aside from providing a more efficient way of searching the internet, the said application also connects to other different contents in common with information, Google’s Translate service, Weather, and many more. Also, there is a choice to navigate to external websites that are contained in the browser of the application. This application will surely save on knowledge, too.

This application that Google is testing right now is really timely and efficient. If this application will be implemented properly, it will be beneficial most especially for those people who are distant from areas where access to internet is very fast. This could also be a great help for students to easily search for their respective home works, regardless of where they are.

Remember, the said application is still “experimental” and is not yet officially released by Google.

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