Google’s Safe Browsing is Quietly Protecting Over 3 Billion Devices from Dangerous Content

In 2010, Safe Browsing was launched by Google. Safe Browsing is the Google’s first anti malware efforts. This anti malware warns the user first when they are visiting a site that can harm their computers. But today Google announced that the anti malware can protect over three billion users on different platforms.

Google’s Safe Browsing presents a list of links that has phishing or malware content to Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and even on Safari Browsers and providers of internet services. The service can also be accessed using public API or changing the link manually. Over the years, Google extended the Safe Browsing in different products such as Google Play, Advertisements, Android, Analytics and other third party apps.

In year 2013, Google reached one billion users, now it seems that the company will be protecting three billion users. Aside from protecting users from browsing the popular websites, it is has also the ability to secure users who are using Google Play Store, Gmail and other Google services. The safe browsing is also working in Snapchat App.

The red warning screen: Google’s Safe Browsing protects apps, emails and browsers.

When you were browsing different website you often see a very bright red warning that alarm the user of potentially unprotected or dangerous websites. Although the user bypass the screen and still browse the website content, Google put an inevitable screen proactively that inform users that danger is approaching. These types of protections has been working and protecting devices since 2017.

Google Safe Browsing is not all about red screen warning, just what mentioned a while it is also protects users who are using Gmail against from malicious sites and malicious messages. Another popular site who uses Google Safe Browsing is the Snapchat. They used this anti malware to check the links that the users share with each other.

According to Snapchat, if the user will open a link, they will see an alert that let the user backed out and they will learn more about the services of Google Safe Browsing.

Google mentioned that the Play Protect which they recently released is depending on the Google Safe Browsing.

The company stated “that the internet is at the start of another major shift. The Google Safe Browsing uses machine learning for countless of years, to be able to detect malicious activities”. The company also added “that they are still integrating and improving the Safe Browsing for better performance and they are making sure that they are going to protect all platforms to make the internet browsing safer for everybody”.

The Google team is continuously integrating and evaluating new approaches to improve the Safe Browsing.