Google’s smart keyboard app on iOS taps into Maps, YouTube and doodles

Consolidating two of the tech giant’s best-known products to the add-on keyboard to make messaging considerably simpler; Google’s Gboard application got a major upgrade on iOS.

Gboard has included support for Google Maps and YouTube, in addition to the capacity to make your own in-application drawings to spice up discussions, taking off now for iPhone and iPad,

Users would now be able to send their location or share an address in just a second by hitting the Google Maps tab on the Gboard toolbar.

Google Maps Integration In Gboard, you will see one of the options is Maps when you tap the “G” button. This feature makes it simpler to share the area of a park or eatery where you intend to meet family or friends. What’s more, it enables you to quickly share your present location.

Another, it enables users to look for videos inside Gboard, speeding up the time it takes to locate that hot new movie trailer without leaving the chat which much the same goes for Youtube functionality.

YouTube Integration In Gboard, when you tap the “G” button on the Gboard application, the “YouTube” tab also shows up. And, the YouTube integration makes it less demanding to send videos with your family and friends. It will duplicate into the compose box, when you tap on a recommended video or pursuit video. What’s more, it will play in-line inside the discussion window when you send the video in the Messages application.

Another, enabling users to sketch out doodles to send to comrades, drawing on Gboard would now be able to be found alongside the console’s GIF and emoji tabs,  — you know, ought to emojis not completely express your emotions, or you have to indicate somebody a certain, hard to-portray design for some reasons.

The capacity to send doodles to your loved ones is another feature that Google added to Gboard. This feature can be discovered when you tap on the smiley emoji button and after that tap on the pen icon. The Ink feature in the Gboard application is like what you will see when holding your phone horizontally in landscape while the default Apple keyboard is open.

Additionally, Google included support for the three new languages in the Gboard: the Arabic Language, the Hebrew Language and the Farsi language. By just downloading it from the Apple App Store, you can install the application update. What’s more, you will wish to give the Gboard application access to your gadget by heading off to the Settings application, next is to the General, then Keyboard, then Keyboards, and go to Gboard then flip Allow Full Access to ON.

Users can now download the Gboard’s most recent tricks that are accessible for iPhone users by means of the Apple Store. We’ve inquired to Google to learn whether it has plans to bring Maps, YouTube and doodles to Android users soon, and will update this story as we take in more.