Hacking in Fortnite: How to Avoid It and Its Fraudulent Charges

A new video game is driving many teen players. It is a survival game which is called Fortnite: Battle Royale that is already racked by an amazing amount of 40 million players ever since it was debuted in the fall, which there are 10 million players joined in the first two weeks. It becomes a viral game which the players fight against each other to death that eats the life of the teens. But for the past weeks, some players are getting problems about their account.

The charging issues

Some players are giving their complaints about the unauthorized charges that are showing up on their accounts over the last few weeks in some of the forums.

A player stated that he was surprised when his friend messaged him and asking him if he had bought “Save the World” which is a base package. His friend had claimed that he has seen his status listed as playing in that mode even though he was not purchased the “Save the World” and only playing the free Battle Royale mode in which he had not even logged for the last 24 hours.

After receiving and reading the said message, he checked his e-mail and then found out the receipts which have the total of almost $250. He stated also that his account password had not changed so he is unsure of how someone gained access to his account on this game. After contacting the support, he received refunds afterward for the charges.

Over the last few weeks, several numbers of other players have complained about Epic Games’ forums and on Fortnite subreddit that their accounts also have been compromised. Another player stated that they have not played Save the World for about four months but they were charged $210 for two purchases. Some of the said purchases were for the Epic Games’ V-Bucks which is an in-game currency while the others were for cosmetics, expansions or the Save the World base game. And because of the said issue, several players have been trying to get their issues resolved for weeks and now getting impatient. Fortunately, it looks like the Epic is now finally taking action. They are aware of the breach and they are providing refunds to the players that are affected.

A spokesperson stated that they are aware of instances in which the accounts of the users have been compromised by using some well-known hacking techniques. The spokesperson also stated that they are already working to resolve the said issues directly to those players that are affected. They give a reminder that if the players think that their accounts have been already compromised, they should reach out immediately to the player support.

What to do to avoid the “hacking”

You should do some of this tips in order to avoid someone hacking your account in the Fortnite.

Make a unique password

It is the basic password discipline in which using a new and strong password for this game and also for other services. It is an effective and easy way to protect the accounts.

Set up the two-factor sign in

This a new setting game in which everyone can gain an advantage. In order to that, just click the Password & Security tab, scroll to the bottom and then click the Enable Two-Factor Sign in.

Always check the transaction

Always checking the transactions is a good way to monitor if there are someone is having your information.

Check if you are seeing charges on your credit card statement even though you don’t make one and if you are getting confirmation emails from the Epic about transactions that you were not aware. If you see this charges and emails, it means that someone already has your account information.