A High-Quality Headphone by Apple Might Debut This Year

Although there is the popularity of the well-known AirPods, the Apple may be working for the design of the new headphones which gives the customers more option on their listening experience.

The Prediction of an Analyst

A possible new audio product that is an over-ear, high-end headphone with a design that is all new is predicted and believed by an Apple analyst who is well-known. The Apple company may have the intention to expand the lineup of their audio products. Even the said Apple analyst does not provide any specified timeline, the Apple may launch it by the fourth quarter of this year.

Even though the note does not specify anything, a wireless connectivity may be a feature of this new product. The Apple may aim to launch this product in which may have the same convenience as the AirPod but have a better acoustic quality.

The over-ear high-end model is expected to be more expensive than the AirPod just like the Beats brand of the Apple. In order to boost the performance of the said headphone, high-quality audio components are needed but these parts are pricy according to the Apple analyst.

The “new design” which is stated by the Apple Analyst is still unclear because over ear headphones are typically divided into two categories: the closed and the open back. Many of the headphones have the same basic feature if you set aside the materials, which is a strap or a band that arches over the head that is used to connect two ear cups.

What audio hardware the Apple intended to deploy along the new headphone is still unknown. The Apple company is known for developing new technologies for their recently released audio equipment. Take the Airpods and the HomePad for the examples. The AirPods have the chip called W1 which is used in assisting a pairing. The HomePad, which is more advanced, has the A8 SoC.

The Other Prediction

Besides the over ear, high-end headphone, this Apple analyst also predicts that the Apple may introduce in the second half of the year a new model of the AirPod. The analyst stated that Apple will not change the design of the AirPod because their focus will be upgrading the internal components, like the W1 chips, and charging case. There will be a different manufacturer for the capabilities of the wireless charging like the thermal requirements.

The wireless charging case of the current AirPods are already announced by the Apple last year but the said case is still not debuted. Because of that, rumors suggested that there is a possibility that the Apple may launch it with the AirPower charging mat.

The prediction of the Apple analyst is in line with the latest articles and news that state that there is a possibility that Apple may have currently working on the new AirPod model that have new and more improved features.

The said Apple analyst believe that Apple is already securing new supplier because of the massive growth of the productions of the AirPod. The orders of the components of the AirPod may grow from 100 to 200 percent and the shipment of the already assembled devices will grow from 60 to 80% this 2018.


If the earphone and the headphone line lineup offers of the Apple are not that like by you, there is a possible news that the Apple may be working for the new headphone that may be released this year.  There are many questions in regards to this possible over-ear, high-end headphones that leave us thinking like if the new headphones will use the brand of the Apple or they will be using the brand of the Beats. The other questions that many of us wonder is what will be the price and by knowing the Apple, it might range from 299 to 399 dollars. Well, we really not for sure what this headphone store for us. We must wait until the Apple will announce anything about it.