iPhone X or iPhone 8? all Factor in Your Buying Decision

iPhone X or iPhone 8?

What would you choose? this article may help you in your buying decision

Apple Inc.publicized three new iPhones on its special event in the month of September 2017, the iPhone X which is pronounced as iPhone 10, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+. When upgrading your phone, choose the design which suits you.

iPhone X or iPhone 8?

If you need a wider screen, iPhone X and iPhone 8+ are the choices for you, but you should consider the amount. If a larger handset is what you want, you have two choices which are the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

You may be thrilled because of the iPhone X’s new features but have you ever wondered how much it will cost you?

iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Price

The iPhone 8’s price starts at 699 dollars which is the smaller version of the handset for 64GB and 849 dollars for a 256GB model. If you want a Plus model you’ll only add 100 dollars for each of those. Apple Inc. produced the iPhone X  and is obviously the most expensive handset. the iPhone X’s price starts at 999 dollars for a 64GB memory and 1,149 dollars for the 256 GB memory.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Size

iPhone X or iPhone 8? well both of these models are smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus models.

Here is a comparison of iPhone X and iPhone 8 in dimensions:

  • iPhone 8 measures 138.4mm by 67.3mm and 7.3mm thick
  • The Plus model measures 158.4mm by 78.1mm and it is 0.2 thicker than the iPhone 8
  • The new iPhone x is 143.6mm by 70.9mm and is 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 8 Plus

If your choice will be based on the shape and size of the phone there is not that much of a comparison.

However, if we are going to talk about the model’s weight the difference is greater.

  • iPhone 8 weighs about 148g
  • The Plus design weighs about 202g
  • iPhone X weighs about 174g

iPhone X vs iPhone 8: Screen Size and Resolution

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X may be identical but when it comes to the screen size and resolution there is one big difference

  • The iPhone 8 has a 7”Retina HD display
  • The 8 Plus has a 5” Retina HD display
  • iPhone X has a 5.8” Super Retina HD display

So, when you look at the comparison there is a clear winner which is the iPhone X. But the iPhone X’s screen size is deceptive.

When the phones are measured diagonally,but clearly the iPhone X has a bigger screen, as shown in the diagram below.

iPhone X or iPhone 8?

There’s a couple of reasons why the 5.8”screen size is deceptive.

First, iPhone X is being criticized because of the fact that on the top of the screen there is a notch taken out.

Second, when in portrait orientation its width matches the same size display of the iPhone 8.

Developers suggested that because of the swipe gesture indicator designed for the iPhone X, the display will have a lesser space than the iPhone 8’s display when in landscape mode.