LG V30 pricing accidentally revealed by company on Twitter; priced lower than the Galaxy Note 8

Last week, LG officially announced at IFA 2017 consumer technology tradeshow in Berlin that their latest device known as the LG V30 will be starting on sale on September 21. During the launching of the LG V30, LG did not mention anything about the cost of their new flagship.

However, according to the report there is a possibility that the value of LG V30 will be revealed on twitter by PhoneArena LG.

LG V30 will be available first at South Korea since it is their home market but LG is belong to United States promotional campaign, in which there is a possibility that the cost of LG V30 will be accidentally revealed in a contest. LG is hosting a contest on their USA Mobile Twitter customer pages. In which the winning contestant will receive three LG V30 units for free as their prize.

The contest has conditions and a term to follow one of the legal required terms is for the company to mention and reveal the “estimated retail values” of the given prizes. Upon agreeing on the conditions and terms the approximate value of LG V30 is finally revealed which cost $749.99.

Though, the device retail prices is not yet final and confirm, the approximate retail value of the device gives idea to the user what would be the price of the device. According also to the report, the US price will cost $800 including taxes which means LG V30 is cheaper compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which is LG’s main competitor. The cost of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the United States is $930.

According to Quickmobile a Romanian retailer who has listed LG V30 for pre orders in their website that the price of the device in Europe will cost about 850 to 900 euros which is likely to be more expensive.

On the other hand, the prices being mentioned in different reports might not be LG V30 final price when it goes on sale on the market.

Android Authority also mentioned that on September 17, LG V30 will be available in United States for pre orders.

During the launching of LG V30 at IFA Berlin, LG also reveals some new features and specifications of their latest flagship.

LG V30 has a six inch screen, thinner and shorter compared to LG’s previous flagship the G6 which was launched for about six months. The device has 16MP rear camera that is good for shooting videos and taking photos and also its front camera has 13MP.

According to LG, their latest flagship would be a glass smart phone and the first LG smartphone to use the Snapdragon 835 processor. V30 will look neat and nice because of the Snapdragon 835. The LG V30 will have a 64GB as its default storage but the user can still add more memory capacity by using a microSD card and 4GB RAM inside of it.

While everybody is waiting for the final release of LG latest flagship, many users are already amazed on the design and specifications of the most awaited device. And if ever the price is cheaper, apparently many users will avail the LG’s latest flagship.