Listen to what you see with the Bose Augmented Reality (AR) Sunglasses

Bose is a known company that renders headphones and other audio related products. Nevertheless this week, they unexpectedly announced that they are getting into an AR or augmented reality game. Seriously? But Bose is into headphones right? And AR is all about glasses and visual related things. Well, where’s the sense of excitement if a headphone company will reveal a new smart headphone right? Follow through the article in order for you to know more about Bose sunglasses!

What is Bose Sunglasses?


Bose Sunglasses, looks just like a pair of typical sunglasses. Despite having some electronic wiring, including batteries in the stems of the glasses, it is still impeccably light and durable. So what are the functionalities and features of this augmented reality sunglasses?

Well, the first thing that you can do with Bose Sunglasses is to listen to music silently without disturbing others. Though it is a sunglass, it is possible for you to hear the music because it has two slender directional speakers in the ends of its stem that render clear and audible sounds right into your ears without having any earbuds.

Aside from listening to music, Bose Sunglasses also allows you to know the things that you are looking at without using a camera. So how is it possible? Bose says that this sunglass uses an onboard motion sensor that can precisely detect which direction you are facing. It reads the GPS location through the use of a Smartphone that is connected via Bluetooth. Thus, you can obtain certain information from the things you see if you double tap the side of the glasses.

In addition, Bose Sunglasses also has the ability to recognize head gestures, for example, if you want to select an item on the audio-based carousel menu, you just rotate your head to the left or to the right. Moreover, if there is an incoming call you just need to nod if you want to answer the call or shake your head if not.

On the other hand, Bose Sunglasses also provides information based on the direction you are looking at like if you look up, you can perceive weather forecast and if you look down, you can perceive information about the buildings that surround you. In addition, Bose AR Sunglasses also has the ability to translate a sign you are reading or tell the story/history behind the object that you are looking at. Lastly, the most exciting feature of this device is its capability to imitate historic events at landmarks. There is an effect wherein you can be able to hear voices and horses passing in front of you before heading off to their original route, fading as they go. You could also hear a statue make a famous speech when you get near it. Also, it has the ability to tell the right way towards your departure gate while in the airport.

Is it ready for the market?

Bose Sunglasses was still in a prototype phase and it has a $50 million development fund. Thus, Bose encourages companies especially those who are working with an application related to location to adopt Bose augmented reality sunglasses. As of now, Bose is already collaborating with fitness app Strava, radio app TuneIn, TripAdvisor, and Yelp for upcoming applications. Bose is not yet available to consumers said by the Bose spokesperson but it is available to developers and manufacturers. It is said that Bose Augmented Reality SDK as well as its limited quantities of refines and update version of Bose sunglasses will be available this summer.

There are many promising things that the Bose AR Sunglasses offers and it will surely make a noise in the technological world. Though it is not yet commercially ready, the features that it offers provide some hint on how it will make our lives easier someday.