Massive Galaxy X Leaks Will Protect Galaxy S9 From Dangerous Innovation

Massive Galaxy X Leaks Will Protect Galaxy S9

Last month there has been an interest in Samsung’s new smartphone project that has reached the mainstream.

A folded screen smartphone was proposed which is the Galaxy X and it is set to show its capabilities. Samsung proposed a folded screen smartphone and is to be shown in public.

Samsung’s Galaxy X will show its technological capabilities and claim that they are the most innovative smartphone manufacturer. Galaxy X will only be released in South Korea, than to push the folding screen technology on the S9. It will help answer consumer’s questions in the handset, and gain knowledge as well in marketing using the device.

Massive Galaxy X Leaks Will Protect Galaxy S9

This approach was taken in introducing the curved edge into the screen. It was available as variant of the Note 4 and Note Edge in smaller quantities, although the main line continued. When it appeared in the S6, the model was launched with a flat screen design. Carried on to the S7 model, and in this year’s S8 and S8 Plus model Samsung decided to go all-in in using the curved edge design.

Samsung X and iPhone X’s Comparison

Compare Apple’s approach in using fingerprint scanner and facial recognition for iPhone X’s biometric security. The touch ID is ripped out and replaced by a facial recognition system in the iPhone’s 10th anniversary. Apple Inc. promised that FaceId can work with ease, secure, and more convenient than TouchID.

Massive Galaxy X Leaks Will Protect Galaxy S9

When Apple decided to go all-in with the FaceID this year. Cautious approach were taken by Samsung with the phone’s new concept. These approach will ensure to make revenues steady in taking small stake at risk, while the other approach will take a dangerous gamble.

Expect the same approach in acclimatizing users, gathering information, to be employed by the new folding smartphone. There were some arguments about the mainstreams process on which the folding smartphone may not reach. Samsung’s Galaxy X will promote the display technology, form factors, and innovation, while Galaxy Note and Galaxy S ranges will satisfy consumers continuously.