Microsoft’s Xbox One X with limited “Project Scorpio” edition kicks off pre-orders today

Wanting to buy your very own Xbox One X? Now is your chance folks! Microsoft has just pulled the trigger for their Xbox One X pre-orders. The said pre-orders for their newest flagship just costs $499. But there’s more to that because if you will avail their product early, you will be receiving a “Project Scorpio Edition” that is limited edition only. The said product was revealed back in June at E3, this latest Xbox One from Microsoft has a lot of new features including more memory capacity and better processing intended for 4K playback.

Now, Microsoft is pacifying all the gamers or avid users of Xbox One with their very own Project Scorpio Edition. This edition is not that much different from its predecessors. “Project Scorpio” name was drawn on top of the console’s refined black pattern in the limited edition of Xbox One. The name also appears on the controller included in the package, located just right in the middle of the control pads. The system has a vertical stand and pays respect to the original Xbox because the packaging is closely the same.

Microsoft and Sony will again be going head to head because Sony’s PlayStation 4 pro will be facing Microsoft’s Xbox One X. Moreover, Xbox One X has an edge in this rivalry because it has GDDR5 RAM that has the 12GB capacity, a 1 TB HDD, and a 6 TFLOPS compared to that of Sony’s PlayStation 4 pro that has only 4.2 TFLOPS. Also, the Xbox One X includes a Blu-Ray drive. This is really a big boost in the performance against the original Xbox One and approximately 50% more powerful than PlayStation 4 Pro.

The console is said to be capable of adapting games at 60 fps and 4K, a slightly very ambitious target for Microsoft. Other reports have proposed that most games will run at 30 fps while others are at 4K and 60 fps. The console also has a super sampling features that enable you to enhance the default 1080p performance of the console.

Now if you are interested in availing this newest console from Microsoft, be sure to do it in as early as possible because it is just for a limited edition!