The New Amazing Trio Smartphones of the Apple

Planning to buy an iPhone this year? The Apple may always want to cover your needs, just like any other smartphone company, and they may new release new phones based on needs of the consumer.

The iPhone will go in a slightly different direction this year which may be the plan of the Apple. The Apple company is planning to release three new different handsets of iPhone for this year which are less expensive entry-level model for those who think the iPhone X is too expensive but still have the features of the iPhone X, an upgraded version with the size that is the same to the current iPhone X and the possible largest phone with a possible screen that is around 6.5 inches of Apple.

The Giant and the Upgraded

The iPhone X which worth $1,000 has notched lower than the anticipated number of sales even though there is a media hype that surrounds this phone. It leads to speculation that the Apple plans to revive their sales by offering the three new models. Then this would be slightly on what the Apple do in the past. Previously, the Apple only released flagship handset versions like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. Last year, the Apple released three models for the first time which are the iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X which has the features of a front screen which bezel-less, a facial recognition, and a wireless charging.

if one of the new models of the Apple will really have the screen that is around 6.5 inches, there will be a possibility that the new big handset will become one of the largest mainstream phones on the market. The size of the body of the phone is most likely be as the same as the iPhone 8+ but there will be a screen which is an inch larger because of the edge-to-edge design that is used in iPhone X. There is a little possibility that the Apple will call this large model a phablet, a term which is popularized by the Samsung.

The larger screen may possibly appeal the business users because this screen will let them write their e-mails and to manage their spreadsheets on the screen that is most likely have the same size as the small tablet. The new handset possibly will have an enable screen mode for the certain apps like the model iPhone 8+. The larger phone might possibly get some of the iPad sales which has started to grow again recently.

The code of this giant phone is D33 and some prototypes have a screen resolution of 1242 x 2688 and that makes the screen of it as sharp as the iPhone X that is 5.8 inches in size. The Apple also is planning to use the OLED technology which is the more expensive type of the regular iPhone X.

Like the recent iPhone X, the giant model will have a Face ID scanner which is used to unlock a device and also enables payments. Apple also has the plan to prepare an update to the iPhone X that has the regular size which is dubbed internally as D32. There is an expectation that the two phones will use the next generation A12 processors and including stainless steel edges will continue. Because of that, many say that this will be a high-end smartphone offering of the Apple.

The Cheaper

In the past, the Apple tries to sell a cheaper phone but the results are not that good. The Apple launched a new model which is called the iPhone 5c which comes with different colors and also had a polycarbonate body. But many consumers quickly found at for mere $100 more, they could buy a 5s which have the features of a fingerprint scanner and also a slow-motion video camera. Not so soon, the Apple discontinued producing the 5c.

But this time, the company tried to do something which is different. Produce a cheaper phone that has the cheaper body but features like an edge to edge screen and a Face ID recognition are added in which are what the consumers most want in a phone.