The All-New, Innovative Suzuki Skydrive Sport

Maybe, you are questioning where the different promotional drives of the four top motorcycle companies in the country are headed? Well, you need not look away from the latest sequence of events that are geared toward all the lifestyle topics.
In today’s day and time, the leading edge of all the lifestyle happenings for their own motorcycle products is the Suzuki Philippines. The company, as you may notice, is investing heavily in their celebrity endorsements as well as fashion shows. In spite of everything, we know that motorbikes are not just a kind of daily transportation for some people now. Through the association of these aforementioned compact and inexpensive motorcycles with stylish attires, yummy dishes, healthy living, as well as road trips, it is undeniable that the world of the drivers now become more fun, exciting, and interesting!

On the past week, the Suzuki Philippines introduced their new, innovative Suzuki Skydrive Sport, outpouring the lifestyle motif through the partnership with one of the country’s top clothing brands, as well as the chic Kashieca women’s wear. On the said launch, they invited their celebrity endorsers, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, both appeared looking classy and stylish with the all-new Suzuki Skydrive Sport.
You may ask, Were the eyes of the guests trained on Liza or Enrique, or on Suzuki’s all-new Suzuki Skydrive Sport scooter? One thing is certain –the shiny pink motor-body finish of the Suzuki Skydrive Sport would not get away from the attention.
In the actual fact, the newly launched scooter of the Suzuki Philippines is being fueled by a super-efficient 113cc 4-stroke engine. It has three different striking colors of silver, pink, and matte black. The silver and the matte black variants have pink streaks in front of their cowl, body claddings, and side fairings. Moreover, the Suzuki Skydrive Sport scooter has a visible upgrade on their muffler design, front disc handbrakes, headlamps, and has a bigger floorboard. You can have this all-new Suzuki Skydrive Sport in just Php 67, 900.

You may raise your brows on the pink color or pink designs on the scooter, however, I am telling you –men can ride it too. If you’re doubtful of this, you can watch the latest Suzuki advertisement and look at how well this scooter matches with any gender.
Not just that, Suzuki also took this opportunity to reveal their new Suzuki Raider 150 Combat Series. This has a matte gray fairing, which is matched with its Army-inspired side marking designs. This gives its rider a feeling that this best-selling motorcycle is well ready for the thrilling action. The SRP or Suggested Retail Price of this all new Suzuki Raider 150 Combat Series is at Php 97, 900.

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