NOKIA BANANA PHONE – NOKIA 8110: Everything you need to know

Nokia is one of the most popular manufacturers of phones. After a year, Nokia introduces their 3310 during the year 2017 at HDM Global. Today year 2018, Nokia proudly introduced their newest Banana Phone – Nokia 8110 that supports 4G Connectivity. The original concept of 8110 is firstly introduce way back 1996 in which firstly feature on the Matrix Movie. Nokia 8110 is considered as their second handset Nokia Original with HDM series.



Nokia confirmed the release date of their newest Banana Phone – Nokia 8110 that supports 4G Connectivity and it could support a single as well as dual-SIM variants. It’ll release this year 2018 month of May. It was definitely be available starting from May year 2018 in Africa, China, Middle East, and Europe and there’s no confirmation when it was released in other countries.

The confirmed the price of Nokia 8110

  • In Euro at €79
  • In British at £70
  • In US at $100
  • In Australian Dollar at AU$120
  • In Philippine Peso -₱5,026.91

For those fan of Nokia, you can now buy this starting May this year 2018 with affordable price.


People nowadays want to have a cute size of mobile phones with the reason of easy to hold. The newly introduce of Nokia 8810 that supports 4G connectivity is now on a smaller package in which inherits the typical curve with the slider, that’s why the user will be easy to hold the phone and it’ll not lead to dropping. The best way to describe is to handle with Care.

  • The body consists of plastic so it will not easily break when dropped.
  • In the part of Vase, it has built with a micro USB port.
  • At the top of it found the headphone jack.
  • In the right side of mobile phones found the power on as well as the lock key.
  • Hidden Slider– that will hide the keypad keys.
  • Shortcut to answer a call – it will accept calls by sliding down the slider.
  • Two color variations – Banana Yellow and Traditional Black


  • The Nokia 8110 is composed of Curved display of 2.4inches with QVGA resolution.
  • It cannot support touchscreen – the user needs to use the key for physical navigation.


The Battery of Nokia 8810 build with 1,500mAh – that provide HMD claims that will enable the user to standby up to 25days in a single charge only. It can also cater 8.5 hours from FTE voice call.


  • Its Operating System is HMD – Smart Feature
  • RAM – 512
  • Internal Storage – 4GB that will enable the user to stores music, videos, photos, as well as FM Radio.
  • Processor – Composed of 205 chipsets Qualcomm (1.1HGz dual core)

If you think, that was cheap and definitely, you’re right but when it comes to price it’s all good for the overall specifications and features. You can browse on Twitter, Facebook, Google Assistant Applications, and Google Maps. Also, you can play the all-time favorite game of Nokia which is the Snake Game. This Nokia 8110 will also be a Wi-Fi hotspot.


  • Rear Camera of 2MP along with its single LED flash on Camera

It might not be up to tons, but it should be okay and it can be still used for Facebook as well as Twitter