The Philippines Just Got its First Billion-Dollar Startup

The Philippines Just Got its First Billion-Dollar Startup

It is a great milestone for the country and its people. It really is a very rare breakout for the Philippines technology scene.

The Philippines Just Got its First Billion-Dollar Startup

Robbie Antonio, is named as one of the richest people in the Philippines. He studied at Northwestern University where he got his degree in Economics.

He founded the Antonio Development Company along with Pei Partnership which soon developed Centurion in New York.

Known as an avid art collector, He’s also the reason behind billions of his family’s collaboration..

Revolution in March

Revolution in March has booked 110 million dollars for a real estate project, it did not need some outside funding.

Khailee Ng said that he is signing a 150,000 dollars checks for a 200 seed stage company in the county.

He further adds that it will also invest about 500,000 dollars in addition to those who will show remarkable progress.

This classic strategy of startups in making various bets on victors that have taken the flight across their family’s funds.

Khailee Ng

He started building his own products in the age of 15 in Malaysia where he was born.

All of this is because of an information and inspiration he got from the web. It makes him think of the millions of people in the market all over the world.

He spends his time helping people to realize their creativity and help them to succeed.

500 startup is an active venture firm which is manage by Khailee Ng.

500 startups have already done 1,600 investments in over 50 countries, of which he has led more than 120 investments in Asia.

Khailee Ng draws from his experience as an entrepreneur, where he founded an e-commerce site which is called Groupsmore.

He said that if every industry will continue to disrupt by means of evolving consumer behavior and new technology, he would look for patterns of opportunity.

Supported by Durians I , the funding for Durian II will start from the investor of Mavcap, who is the VC arm of the Malaysian government.

Durians I began in 2014 month of July, primarily with 10 million dollars assistance. In 2016, the fund increased to 25 million dollars and then invested in 119 startups in total, including the application Grab, mobile market Carousell, and Indonesian company Bukalapak.

“At the time I wrote this, less than half of the companies have been raising more than 2 billion dollars for a further growth of the company, and no one has shut down. On our thesis, Khailee Ng said thatsome of these companies will develop to be the Southeast Asia’s next group of startup success.