Pilot-less Flying Taxis to Be Available Soon

What everyone thought to be just a science fiction is now getting its realization. Recently, Kitty Hawk, a startup company in California backed up by the Co-founder of Google Larry Page has amazingly made a pilotless flying taxi which can land and take off in a vertical way. The flying taxi called Cora made its successful flight in New Zealand to test the said project.

During the test, Cora proved that it is able to fly a range of 62 miles which is equivalent to 100 kilometers, with the speed of 150 kmh and an altitude that can reach up to 3,000 feet or 900 meters. Cora can carry two passengers and is designed to look like a traditional aircraft with a wingspan that measures 36-foot or 11-meter and it took eight years to finish its development. Though Cora was designed by a California based company, the testing was done in New Zealand. The reason is that Cora didn’t get the support it needed from the US but New Zealand has a great interest in renewable energy and a purely electric power source which made them support the project and gave hope to the rise of Cora.

Peter Crabtree, a representative of New Zealand’s business and innovation ministry said that they see Cora as a potential that is sustainable, efficient, and a transformative technology in which in the future will enrich people’s lives worldwide. It is said that Kitty Hawk is already working on an application that works like an Uber app which will enable people to easily book a flight with Cora.

The idea of being net carbon zero was already thought by the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. Adern said that by the year 2050, they would like to achieve a net carbon zero environment that is why the prime minister has a great support for Cora. Cora will be a part of the how they would make the said plan to happen. The idea of a pilotless taxi is just so absurd back then. But the advancement of technology is just equally absurd as the things people have in their minds that is why we can say that nothing is impossible. Sooner or later we will be able to ride this cool pilotless taxis on our way to work. Aren’t you thrilled yet?