Q&A Section: newest feature for Google Map

Google Map is very useful especially for those who loves traveling to places. They use this amazing application to find the exact locations of the place they want to go to. That having said, it is so brilliant that Google Map has incorporated Q&A feature in its application. This feature adds additional information already available through Maps, like opening hours, location or even the locations contact details.

The Q&A feature on Google Maps for Android and mobile search has already been released by Google. Those who are using the Google Map services can now use the Q&A feature. The Q&A feature of the Google Map can be accessed over the listings for any resident business and here, you can ask questions about what this certain business do and any other information that you would like to know, such as their opening hours, contact information, etc.


If you have posted a question, Google will then notify business owners to let them know about your question and thus (hopefully) reply in your question. However, other users that have seen your question can also leave their own answer that could possibly help you in getting what information you really need.

Just like any other community-driven websites, Google Maps Q&A feature likewise include a feature that lets the users vote on what they think is the best answers. This will apparently appear near the top of the page.

In the launching of this newest feature of Google Map, business owners are encouraged to also put their own commonly asked questions and answers to make this feature function, theoretically making this feature into a “FAQ” section intended for local businesses.

If you are an online product seller, this feature is suitable for you as well. This is because you are allowed to leave questions that are product-related.