Redesigned Snapchat to make Users watch More Stories

Last year, Snapchat released a redesigned version of the app wherein, the content of the user’s friends are separated from the content of other brands, publishers or celebrities.
But, now Snapchat will roll a redesign to the redesign last year. But it will only be available for a small group of Snapchat users. It will take user-generated Stories and will put them on the Discover page of the app. The posts will exist alongside the posts of the other brands, publishers or celebrities. This will be the same before the roll-out last year.

It is actually just a small change. The spokesperson of Snapchat says that this redesign is just a test. But, at the same time, it is also a big deal. It is because Snapchat is adamant to keep the contents of Friends and the contents of brands, publishers or celebrities separated for the redesigned app last year.
The Company of Snapchat is busy to add more new features to the application. This month, Snapchat adds a Tabs feature that can separate the Snaps into Group Chats or Active Stories. The Tabs are also on the Discover page of Snapchat. The tabs separate the Content into Sections of Publishers, Community or Creators.

In addition to the new redesign Snapchat app, the users can also add GIFs. They can also add photos and videos or animated tickers on their posts. According to the spokesperson of Snapchat, the Tabs will help the Users to make it easier for them to keep up with the Snapchat stories that they want. The Tabs feature will be available for iOS and Android users in the next weeks.

Snapchat Features

App Redesign: Snapchat separates the pages of Discover and Friends in order to create a more personalized experience for the users of the app.

Deluxe Bitmoji: Snapchat features new skin tones, more avatars, and new hairstyles available for the users.
Snap Store: The users of Snapchat can buy available items.

Customized Geofilters: These are tools that are based on the location of the user. It can allow that user to share their current location, what they do. The users can just add an overlay text and images on their Snap. The Snaps can be available in a couple of hours for the next few days.

Share Snapchat Stories: The Users of Snapchat can share their stories. This feature can make the users create a hyperlink for the clips and pictures. This feature appears when the User press and hold the certain tiles on the Discover page of the app.

Add links, backdrops, and voice filters: The paperclip feature allows the user to add links to their posts. The backdrops feature allows the user to add a backdrop to their posts. And the voice filters allow the users to mix the sound of their voices in different styles.

Group Video Chat: The Users of Snapchat can add 16 friends to a group video chat. The User can tap the icon in the group chat of the app. The members of the group chat will receive a notification to join the Video call.
Tag: The Users can tag a friend in their post.