SamMobile For Samsung Firmware? (Samsung Mobile)?

Samsung is an electronic shop that is located in South Korea. Samsung is not only popular in Korea but also in other country.  They are very popular since they provide high quality of different types of electronics such as tablet’s, smart phones, computers, laptops, home appliances, portable TV’s and many more. They are capable of releasing their new flagship every year with new features and design not only that they also manage to provide firmware updates for their different devices.

Due to the popularity of Samsung, websites about Samsung are growing too fast. Those websites includes reviews, news and rumors about the company. Some of them also offer downloadable firmware for Samsung devices. One example of that website is SamMobile which the user can check the latest news about Samsung.

Samsung Firmware

Firmware is a type of computer program that monitor, control and manipulate the data of engineered systems and products. Examples of devices containing firmware are computers, appliances and other electronic devices. According to the study, changing the firmware of your device is not advisable because some of them are permanently installed.

Regardless of this study, Samsung firmware updates for its different devices are still available and the good news is that Samsung user would be able to download this different firmware.

Websites that provide news and reviews about Samsung also update and offer users about firmware. Those firmware are downloadable, on the other hand not all Samsung Device has a designated firmware. You can check different news and learn more about firmware in SamMobile.

Samsung allows you to install firmware using different software the Odin and the Samsung Kies, definitely these two are both working. What is the difference of this two Samsung Software?

Odin installs new firmware instead of updating it while the Samsung Kies is strictly for updating official firmware released by Samsung. But Odin being the third party it has an important role in installing custom ROM’s in every Samsung software update.

There are lots of reasons why do people want to install firmware on your device. Maybe you just want to update your device to a newer version or you are trying to fix your device with the help of the firmware. Though, there are some who wants to update their device but they don’t how to do it.

Let us check how to install Samsung firmware using Odin and Samsung Kies.

How to install Samsung Firmware using Odin

Before installing the firmware make sure to backup your important files, because if something happens while installing the firmware at least you still have backups. There is also an instance that while installing firmware in your device there is a chance that your files will be deleted. After saving your important files, you can now start installing the firmware makes sure that:

  1. Download the correct firmware. You will also needing Odin in installing the firmware.
  2. Extract the file. In extracting the file you can use software such as 7-zip. After extracting, the files were being loaded in the Odin.
  3. If your device is connected on computers after extracting make sure to disconnect it.
  4. Boot your device in download mode by turning off your device and wait for a few seconds until it totally shut down. Then you need to press the Home button, Volume down and power simultaneously and wait for the Warning Screen to pop up and continue download mode by pressing the Volume up key.
  5. To open the Odin window you must open the Odin exe file.
  6. Next, you need to connect your device using USB Cable and make sure that Odin recognizes your device. To check if your device is already recognized you a message will pop up on your screen stating that the device is already added. If nothing appears you are required to reinstall the driver.
  7. Load your firmware file on Odin. Click the AP button in the Odin and select the require file (.tar.md5).
  8. After loading, you must uncheck the check box below the Options tab containing Re-partition
  9. To begin flashing the firmware on your phone, you must click the Start button located on the Odin window and wait until it successfully installed and your device will reboot automatically.
  10. If you are going to use your device for the first time after the installation you must be patient because it takes time.
  11. When successfully starts, you have to confirm if the installation being done is correct. You can check it on the Settings of your device and choose “About Phone”.

How to Update Samsung Firmware using Samsung Kies

  1. You must download first the Samsung Kies on the computer. Make sure that you have downloaded official version of the software.
  2. The Samsung device should be connected on the computer using USB Cable. If you want to check if the device is already connected, look at the top left corner of the device.
  3. You must backup all your important files before updating your device.
  4. To begin updating, check if your device appeared on the left side of the window. If it does in there choose the device name and it will show the details about the Kies. A “New Firmware is Availbale” should appear on the screen to officially begin the installation
  5. To complete the process make sure that your device is connected on the internet, because Samsung Kies will be going to download the needed file for the device.
  6. Once the installation was done you have to reconnect the device from the computer and begin Kies. And to restore all your files go to Backup/Restore of your device and press the Restore button and choose the files you want to restore.
  7. Lastly, if you want to check if the installation is done correctly you can check it in your device Settings on the About Phone tab and you will the latest version of Android that was installed.

Benefit and purpose of updating your Firmware

Updating your device can improve the operational and functional features of one device.  Also you don’t have to buy a new device to have a device that has latest Android version. Not only that, it also fixes devices just what mention a while you don’t have to bring your device in shop and the cost of the repair is too expensive. It has also the ability to extend the battery life of your device.