Samsung Galaxy S9 Release Date, Specs, Features and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been officially released. There is a rumor that Samsung will launch again a new device which is known as the Samsung Galaxy S9. The device is expected to launch in year 2019, although Samsung did not confirm anything yet.

According to some reports, the Galaxy S9 will be using a Snapdragon 845 chipset, most probably the successor of Snapdragon 845 this year. It seems that the Samsung has the right to use the Snapdragon 845. Samsung may possibly be the first to launch a device powered by the chipset.

It also included in the report that Galaxy S9 will be launched with the latest Android software which is the Android 8.0 Oreo, which once makes a good sense given that it would be unusual if they launch the new phone with the older version of Android. On the other hand there are negative speculations, that the device will still have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, it means that the sensor will look like an in-display sensor.

The Galaxy S9 will have a QHD+ display with and 18:5:9 display aspect ratio, and it will have a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage space. Reminder, that this in only for the Galaxy S9 and not on the S9+ which may possibly offer a little different specifications. But still these are only speculations and don’t assume that it would be launch by now.

The new image concept of Samsung Galaxy S9

A new image concept was being released that gives people an interesting idea about the new smartphone design. It is believed that the design of the device will be updated in future. But as of now, the device will have a bezel-less totality display dominating the device front panel.

The device will have a curved edges that is turn out to be the brand for Samsung in their current releases. The designer also predicts that Samsung headphone jack will be have a measurement of 3.5mm and its port would be place on the bottom of the device.

According to the reported image, the Galaxy S9 will be having a USB Type-C, mounted speakers and an integrated fingerprint scanner inside the device display are also included in the image. The rear of the device looks like a mirror, with brushed metal finish that will make the device attractive and tempting to buy.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Specifications

Aside from its design concept, the designer also makes confident suggestions about the Galaxy S9 specifications. The device will be using the most dominant Exynos processor and its clock speed might reach 2.7 GHz which would make the Samsung Galaxy S9 the slickest smartphone on the mass.

Samsung will also include a special purpose cores for voice and image processing. On the other hand, it is unsure that device would be available in United States, because Snapdragon processors are still deploying in the Western Market.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Memory, Storage and Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will be expected to release with a 256GB of internal storage. But Samsung is about to maintain its micro SD Support, by using the flexible technology there would be a possibility that the 256GB of internal storage would be doubled.

Regarding its battery, Samsung will also improve the fast wireless charging system and it is possible that waterproofing and dust will also upgraded.

It is also possible that Samsung Galaxy S9 might be the first smartphone from Samsung to include 4K technology.

But there are hesitations that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be a great smartphone and we can expect it to appear next year.