Spotify is Crowdsourcing using Line-In Tool

Spotify announced the launch of Line-In, the new tool that will allow the community members to input information about the music data like genre, explicitness, or mood and many more. It aims to control the understanding of the crowd in correcting and expanding the data of Spotify over the period of time. It could also give competitive gain against rival platforms like Apple and Pandora.

All thanks to the participation of the community, the users will benefit from the feature as they will learn more about the music. In addition, the company will be able to improve the experiences of the artists and the users while using the service. Spotify is also building an interface to gain feedback from the users.

The Line-In tool is currently available to desktop users. It can be accessed by clicking the three dots next to Artist, Song or Album then choose to Suggest an Edit. The users can edit on different categories which include aliases, languages, and tags, the roles of artists or external URLs. In addition, users can also confirm if the data on the file is correct. But, according to Spotify users will not be able to correct the title of the songs or the title of albums. The content partners will be the one to fix the metadata.

In addition to contributing data from the Line- In homepage by searching the artists, users can also choose to take quizzes to share their knowledge, or the mood of the track while adding data.

Spotify is crowdsourcing for additional information on whether or not the album has been added to the wrong page of the artist. Or if and when the albums from various artists are mixed together on one page. Users can fix this, he has to go to the Artists Roles section of the album page and correct the main artist by marking an X on the wrong item then Add Credit to add the missing artist.


The Line-In tool has been publicly announced even though the company has been testing it since last fall. Spotify promises that more features will come to the Line-In as time passes.

Though there are comparisons to other services like Wikipedia, Spotify says that Line-In tool is a crowdsourced editing tool and not a wiki.

Spotify features proper beat-matched mixing auto-mixed-even when on shuffle 

According to the spokesperson of Spotify, they are always testing new products and new experiences for the users but they do not have further news to share with the public yet.

Desktop users of Spotify can try to turn off the crossfade feature on the advanced settings and turn on the shuffle mode, after that try to play the track on Drum and Bass Fix playlist and hear what happens on the transition.
The tracks are mixed together as if a DJ mixed the songs. It is a proper beat-matched mixing. And it works even if the user’s playlist is on shuffle. Crossfade feature is a part of Spotify for a long time but it is not the feature used in mixing the tracks.

Users are giving positive feedback about the feature. A user says that he has been listening to the playlist for 15 minutes when he realized that there were no gaps in between the tracks. He added that the tracks were mixed together properly and they were good.

Spotify and Pacemaker

Spotify and Pacemaker are close partners in the past and it is possible that Spotify is working with Pacemaker on the new auto-mixing test of the app. Pacemaker hopes to license its technology to streaming services like Spotify so that they can offer more mixes without licenses.