Numerous user of smartphones badly needs a high capacity storage of their own. This year 2018, Android Go definitely runs on numerous devices in which will release this year. Last week, an important announcement by Google spotted in MWC (Mobile World Congress) regarding of their devices runs Android Go or some may call it Android Oreo Go Edition with the expected price of less than $50.

The main purpose of Android Go that considered as Google lightweight OS is to provide improvements regarding Android Performance that runs in lower-end smartphones (devices) that will cover up the 1GB RAM or less.

The company greatly expect the improved version named Android GO to provide a reliable capability to run mobile phones with cheap hardware, and as well as pushing users to adopt the emerging market industry since the consumers definitely used a type of mobile phones with the reliable feature it has. The Android Go will expectedly available the end of February.


Today, there is three upcoming Go edition of mobile phones that probably arrives in the first quarter of the year including the ZTE Tempo Go, Alcatel’s 1X, and the Nokia’s 1 HMD Global with the price ranging from less than $50.


Google did their best to fully polish the Android Go that will support and works with the lower-end mobile phones. Android Go Edition is built to run better and reliable on mobile phones consists of 512MB as well as 1GB RAM storage.

This week Nokia 1 is spotted their first Handset of Android Go at MWC (Mobile World Congress). Nokia 1 is considered as one of the smartphone’s design for the entry level of emerging markets. Thus, HMD Global launched the Nokia 1 runs with Android Oreo Go Edition. Here are some minimal features of Nokia 1.

Here is the list of Nokia 1 specification

  • Processor – Quad Core MediaTek (1.1GHz)
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Internal Storage – 8GB
  • Price – around $85 (₱4,428.54)
  • Screen Display – 4.5” (inches) (854 x 480)
  • Rear Camera – 5MP
  • Front Camera – 2MP
  • Available covers at $7.99 – Grey, Sold Azure, Pink Xpress, and Yellow


Past few days, Alcatel is also spotted in MWC (Mobile World Congress) that will definitely run an Android Go the Google’s version of Go. Alcatel seem like a big jump for them when it was spotted as MWC that supports the Android Go. This was called Alcatel 1X it is likely similar to an ordinary cheap price of a smartphone, besides for the software. Alcatel 1X is expected to release this coming April 2018.

Here is the list of Alcatel 1X specification

  • Processor – Quad Core MediaTek (1.3GHz)
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Internal Storage – 16GB
  • Support micro SD card
  • Price – around €100 / $135 / ₱6,416.26
  • Screen Display – 5.3” (inches) (960 x 480)
  • Aspect Ratio – 18:9
  • Rear Camera – 8MP
  • Front Camera – 5MP
  • Dual Sim – Price range from €110 ($135)


And last but not the least the ZTE Tempo Go also comes into the market today. According to ZTE, it’s their first device that supports Android Go. The company refuses to reveal the price, but the idea of price behind this reliable with affordable price to provide the better Android experience. The company worked a lot to stopped and banned producing their mobile phones consists of 512MB, and currently, they’re keeping their product phones with 1GB RAM.

As far as we know, way back December last year Google announced the Android Go version in which to aims of providing the better experience even if the mobile phones are cheap it ’ll not have enough space to cater some of the applications to run. The new mobile phones run boosted GO applications such as Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and a lot more with caters the minimal space of mobile phones as well as to construct less data that used.

Here is the list of ZTE Tempo Go specification

  • Processor – Qualcomm Snapdragon (210 processor)
  • RAM – 1GB
  • Internal Storage – 8GB
  • Price – around $80 / ₱4,166.40
  • Screen Display – 5” (inches) (854 x 480)
  • Aspect Ratio – 18:9
  • Rear Camera – 5MP
  • Front Camera – 2MP
  • Battery – 2,200mAh
  • Charges over Micro USB
  • Headphone Jack

As long as we can afford to buy high end smart phones we did right? But today, this was proved that there’s a way to save money. The 3 listed as cheap phone will run the Google android go is good to know. We don’t need to panic for the allotted space for our applications.