Twitter is working on Camera-first Feature

Twitter has been aggressively pursuing new advertising business, according to different advertising agencies. According to eMarketer, Twitter is the sixth largest company of digital advertising revenue last year.

Since users are used to posting on Twitter, the video is generally much more profitable to advertise than text. And the idea of camera-first Twitter Moments is fit for Twitter users. Twitter has placed greater emphasis on video, hosting live sports, and real-time news broadcasts from local and national outlets.

It is reported that Twitter is working on a feature that emphasizes photos or videos to specific events to rival with the Snapchat service that is popular with the advertisers. The feature would compete with Snapchat Discover and Snap Maps. And it is meant to encourage users to share more pictures or videos that are associated with the news that breaks on Twitter.

Snapchat and Twitter

CEO of Twitter has called Snapchat a very modern app and admitted that his Twitter app can be confusing.
Snapchat already has a camera-first feature that takes the snaps of users around the location or event from Snap Map and adds the snaps to a curated Story on the Discover platform.

Snapchat has become the source of breaking news. Every time, Snapchat is the place that features current major events like the Olympics and news events such as natural disasters or tragic news such as mass shooting. With snaps from The Washington Post, Snapchat featured a Discover story on the national school walkouts in protest of school shootings. Snap also features from MLB games and award shows.

Twitter wants to ensure that their platform is the user’s thought when news happens. The feature will make a way for users to share pictures and videos easily, and these pictures and videos can be pulled into Moments or other features that can highlight the breaking news.

Whether the feature would impact Snapchat in any way or not is not yet sure, but it is a good way for Twitter to keep its reputation as the go-to platform source for news.

Camera-first feature of Twitter

Twitter is reportedly working on a camera-first feature to court more advertisers and to compete with Snapchat. The feature could change the emphasis on the platform from text to videos or images.

The new feature would combine the location-based pictures or videos with the Twitter Moments around the current events. Companies and advertisers could sponsor the events and place ads in between the real-time photos or videos.

The new feature of Twitter would resemble on how Snapchat collects the location-based snaps of users around the certain topics and how Snapchat displays the Snaps together as a highlighted post on the Discover tab. This feature on Snapchat is popular with the advertisers.

Launching of the Camera-first feature of Twitter

Details about the new feature are scarce. But it is not surprising that Twitter would want to make such feature. It is not yet clear when the feature could launch and there is a possibility that the feature could change or it could not be rolled out entirely, but the ad executives with knowledge of it believed that it is in the development process.

Twitter Curated News Timelines

According to a Twitter spokesperson, Twitter is experimenting with an algorithmically curated timeline for major news events that will available for Twitter users and it will be shown at the top of the main Twitter feeds. The feature is an extension of Happening Now.

The company plans to promote the curated timelines using a banner at the top of the main feed. When the banner is tapped, Twitter’s curated timeline of the event will show.